Volume Ten

Section #58:

Introduction to Hydrotherapy

You’ve seen the power of the bodywork, how little I had to do. I'm always amazed, even when I do it myself, at what kind of responses I get from people, how powerful it is – to just rub the body in a few of the right ways, in the way that can change the circulation, the temperature of the body! Move that blood and stimulate the nerves. But there is even a greater way, a more powerful way to do that. It is called “Hydrotherapy”.

“Hydro” just means “water” so really, what we are talking about, is water therapy.
All the natural healers of old used hydrotherapy in their clinics, along with the herbs, along with the foods, along with all the programs - to stimulate the great healings, that you’ve heard about.
You know, nowadays people swallow a few herb capsules and expect a miracle. It doesn't work that way! Sometimes it takes a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work, to be well. And hydrotherapy has to be part of everybody's program, and especially - a part of the “Incurable's program”.
John Harvey Kellogg of Battle Creek, Michigan - he cured the incurables, using water therapy, whole foods and bodywork. The power of the bodywork and the water therapy!
There was a doctor named Benedict Lust,  who came over to this country from Europe.

Benedict Lust had a method he called “the blood washing method”, where he kept you in hot and cold applications for eight hours straight! You can imagine the power of that.
Here’s a book that I brought here, called “My water cure” by father Sebastian Kneipp, written in the late 1800s. This book is not only endurable, it contains many pictures of herbs and how to use them, but these old herbals contain something else. And, as you can see in this book, they contained all types of water therapies: how to apply the water, what temperature of the water to use, where to put it (on the bottom picture - up and down the spine). And there's even more pictures on every page, various applications of hot and cold water onto the body and how to use it.
So that's what were going to go into next – hydrotherapy. You know, a few years ago I went down to one of the last operating hydrotherapy clinics in the United States.

I thought I wanted to experience the great old treatments that were in this country years ago. When I walked up to this clinic, what did I see? The last clinic, that was open, out of 12, that were there, only one was left and there were elderly people sitting all over the porch with their heads down, almost drooling on the floor. And I thought: “Oh, no! This is a sanitarium. Well, I want to see it anyway!”
So I went in, I said: “Give me the full hydrotherapy treatment!”
What did they do? They put me in a hot tub, made me drink hot water. Then they took me out and put in a shower and cold water jets hit me all over the body, then I went into another hot tub and a steam bath, then they put me in a room, and they’ve put hot and ice packs all over my body. They finally put me in a wheelchair, where they wheeled me out to the front, where I sat just with all these other people, staring with the drool coming out of my mouth. And I realized - there was nothing wrong with these people.

That was just the power of hot and cold water, and how it affects your body, your mind and your spirit.
You know, these spas still operate all over Europe: in Belgium, in Luxembourg, in France and Germany. Even in England, even in, what we could say, conservative England! They have hydrotherapy spas everywhere!
The bottom line - we all need to include the applications of hot and cold in this program. Why? Because hot and cold dramatically move the blood, more than anything else you could do, more than bodywork.
Hot water sedates you, relaxes you and while it’s relaxing you, it relaxes your muscles, your muscles loosen up. And it also brings all the blood in your body to the very surface. That's why your skin turns red.
Cold water does just the opposite - it stimulates you, it contracts the muscles and it drives all the blood, that's on the surface of the body, into the deeper organs.

By changing from hot to cold, and by hot to cold again, you bring the blood to the surface, you drive it to the center - you're moving that blood through the body. It is dramatic, as you're going to see! But first, there's one first step before we start - any hydrotherapy program – it is called “plastic”. Make sure, that you cover your bed, you cover the floors. You’re going to see this in a minute, we’re going to put plastic everywhere. It is very important, cause many of the therapies coming up, will wet your mattress, will wet your floor. But they'll also stain, because we’re going to mix herbs with them.
So, what we’re going to do now, is put that plastic down.

Section #59:

Hot and cold showers

Okay, we’ve talked about hot and cold showers, now let’s do some! Everybody's got a shower, this is the first place to begin. I have Hillary in the shower here, and, normally, you’d want to take a minute or two between hot and cold repetitions, but we’re going to do it a little faster. Make sure, like Hillary has, that you get your head under the water, that you’re getting water running down your spine, and that you take that shower about as hot, as you can stand it.
Now, we’re going to have Hillary turn the water all the way to cold. And, believe me, we’re in the wintertime up in the mountains of Virginia, this water is cold.
And you see, what happens is, when you get into the cold water, you have involuntary breathing, okay? It makes you hyperventilate, okay? It contracts your diaphragm, it forces you to breathe. This is wonderful! We’re getting more oxygen in. Okay, now let’s turn it back up to hot. We’re repeating that. You noticed her skin went white, where that cold water hit? The hot water brings the blood to the surface, relaxes those muscles, and sedates you.

Now, we’ll go to the full cold again.
Big breath, take a breath, Hillary, good.
Yes, and you can see the change, that it makes. That cold water now stimulates her body, takes the blood, and moves that blood deep within her body, and contracts her muscles.
Now, Hillary, just go ahead and enjoy a nice warm shower.
Many people are concerned: “Can I do this on the elderly? Can I do it on small children, or people with sensitive skin conditions, or a weak heart?” Of course! But just use your common sense!
Start with just cool and warm changes in the water, and after a week or so, when those people are used to it, you can go to the more extremes of the hot and cold, especially because they'll be healthier then. So, don't worry about it – get them in the shower, and get the temperature changes happening.
Now, what’s very important, is that we massage the areas, the troubled areas.

If you have breast cancer, do the hot and cold right on the breast and make sure, that you massage that breast well. If it's a hip problem - get the hot and cold on that hip. If it is your ovaries, or your bowel - let it be on your abdomen. Make that hot and cold specifically on the area, where you're having a problem, where you have a tumor, where you have your cancer, where you have your disease, and make sure you massage that and do the hot and cold right on the area.

Section #60:

The High Enema. A complete clean-out.

Okay, now you’ve seen what water can do, when used on the outside of the body, how it stimulates the circulation. But hydrotherapy is also all about using water to clean the inside of the body. And one of the greatest internal cleansing hydrotherapy treatments there is, is an enema, or what we might call “a High Enema”, and that's what I am going to explain now.

As you can see on Hillary, I’ve painted a picture of the colon. And I’d like to go over that a little bit, so you get an idea of how big that colon is, and exactly where it is.
This arrow right here points to what's called the “ileocecal valve”. The ileocecal valve is where the small intestine - the ileum - the last part of it, enters the cekum, which is the first part of the large intestine. And that’s what this with this “C” stands for right there. That's the beginning part of your large intestine, also called “the colon”.
This little black area here is the appendix, which is a small immune aggregation, that attaches to the bottom of the cekum. It is designed to pick up any bacteria, fungus or parasites, that may enter the large intestine, and then enter immune cells into that colon to clean it out, and find that bacteria.

We have the ascending colon here, where the colon moves up. And it actually goes right up under the rib cage on this side, about an inch. And this is called “hepatic flexure”, just because of its location - near the liver. As the colon goes across your body, this is called “the transverse colon”, this area here is the spleenic flexure, or the turn right near your spleen. And as it goes down, this “D” stands for the descending colon, the “S” - for the sigmoid. It has a trap here, almost like a trap under your sink at your house, and then goes out to the rectum and out.
You can get an idea here how big this colon is, and how important it is to keep it clean, and how much waste it can actually store.
Okay, now you don't have to know the anatomy of the bowel, the physiology of it is, you don't even have to know the names of the parts. I just wanted to show you where it is, and then we’re going to begin a “High Enema”. What a “High Enema” is, that we’re cleaning out not just the rectum, but the entire bowel.

We’re going to introduce water over a series of enemas, all the way to Hillary's cekum, and get everything out of there. And this is going to be the first step in the next hydrotherapy treatment we’re going to do, but this is something that everybody should know how to do in every family.
People call me: “What about appendicitis?” You want to know the first thing to do for appendicitis? Do a “High Enema” and stop eating.
In fact, any time you're sick: the cold, the flu, whatever, a great way to start is - to stop taking food in through the mouth, and get whatever waste in your body is, out. That’s one of the greatest first steps towards healing yourself.
So what we’re going to do next? We’re going to introduce water into her whole colon.
Okay, we’re about to get Hillary an enema. Again, this is not a big deal. If you want to see a big deals and radical treatments, I suggest you take a tour through the hospital. This is an enema, it’s a simple technique.

There’s many different types of enema kits, this is probably the one, that you see most often in your store. It can be used as a hot water bottle or an enema bag. But being that it’s closed, you have to stop, open it up and refill it.
This is an enema kit here, that I’ve brought from Italy. This one has an open top, it's much better, because we can refill it as we need it, without having to stop the process. This bag here, if you have one at home, you may want to cut a hole in it. Cut a hole in the top and modify it, so you can keep adding water, while you're giving the enema, so you don't have to stop the process.
Another thing - you can’t do an enema on yourself. It even hard for one person to do an enema on you, so this is “a family event”. You have to have more people, and I’m going to need Sandy to help me hold it, I’m going to administer it, and Hillary's job is just to lie there and relax.
The next step is getting a good lubricant. Now, you can use Vaseline, but remember - its petroleum jelly. I'd rather put things like this in my car, than on my body.

What will be better is an herbal ointment, but today all we have is olive oil, which works wonderfully.
The first step is - make sure, that you get your fingers very well lubricated. What you want to do is find her anus, cause that’s were we are going to put the tube to make this enema work.
Don't be shy, don't be modest - there is no time for that right now.
This person is ill, we’re saving her their life, we’re cleaning out their bowel. And this isn’t a radical therapy. If you want to see radical - go to the hospital.
The first we’re going to do is - opened her cheeks wide enough to find her anus. And when you see it, go ahead and put your finger in. Just slowly…Hillary, take a deep breath for me in, and let it out, good.
And I'm just inserting my finger gently into her anus. We want to lubricate it. This is also incredibly relaxing. You know, many body therapist said, that this was the first chakra, or the “root of the energy for the human body”. The bottom line is, when you put a finger in someone's anus, it's very relaxing for them, as long as they continue to breathe.
And now I’m going to get a little more lubricant and do that again.
And just breathe in, Hillary, and relax. And okay to rock the personal a little bit. Be tender, be gentle, when we’re going to have “a High Enema”.
How does that feel, Hillary?
Do you feel relaxed? Good. Your job is just to lie there and keep breathing. Good.
The next step is to lubricate the tip of the enema. Don't be stingy with your lubrication, especially since we’re using olive oil, put plenty on there.
Now, to insert the tip, the first thing we did is, we let water run through the enema hose to purge the hose of air bubbles, so it's filled with water now.

The second thing, again, as I opened her cheeks and I say: “Hillary, take a big breath for me again”, and as she inhales, I go ahead and put the tip in. Okay there? Good.
And now we’re going to start to let in the water. And, Hillary, I just want you to continue to breathe for me, if you would.
And I'm just adjusting the flow with my fingers, just by pinching the hose, that works fine. And Sandy is going to tell me about the water as I opened it up, now I’m going to let a little water in, and we’re going to watch that water level and see, that it's going down, and it is.
Hillary, your job again, is just to breathe.
And the first time you do it, you may just fill the persons rectum with a cup of water, and they may have to get up and go to the bathroom - that's fine.

It'll probably take two or three tries like this, before their rectum is empty and you're actually going to introduce water in to the colon itself, into that lowest part on the left-hand side - the sigmoid colon. Well, that’s the first place, where you’ll begin to feel this water. Now, I’m going to let a little more in Hillary.
Do you feel that anyway, Hillary?
(Yes, in my…right here.)
So, I’m going to pull the towel here up a little bit, and, Hillary, could you point to us and show us where you feel it?
(Right there.)
Right there, and of course you can see, that that's right in the middle of her dissenting colon, that we looked at before. I’m going to let a little more water in.
Okay, you let me know.
(Okay, …)
I’m going to stop this. I’m going to pull it out, hey, right there. Hillary, just breath. Breath, hang in there.

Okay, we got water up through halfway of her transverse colon, she felt some cramping, and so she went and voided that. Fine - that's what happens. Rarely will you introduce enough water to get to the person's cekum or appendix on the first try. It might take two or three tries.
So, we’re going to start again, big breath in, Hillary. And, as she lets it out, I’m going to insert the tip. Good.
And then I’m going to open it up for the water.
And, Hillary, again, I just want you to lie there, relax and breathe. If you can, when you're doing it, it's okay to rock the personal little bit, and give them a few nice squeezes, sometimes even working on the feet a little bit, or the calves. It’ll help the person to relax that abdomen, and take in more water.
Water level going down? Good.
And you tell me if you feel any cramping, Hillary, and, at that point, I’ll hold the water off for a few minutes, for your bowel to relax.
How does that feel?

Do you feel the water in the lowest part of your colon yet?
(No, I don’t. I feel warmer.)
Okay. We’re using a little warmer water to relax her muscles, and, of course, we’ve put a little lobelia tincture in it. And that lobelia, again, will stop the spasm and let us get in more water.
I’m going to feel, so I can see...Yeah, I can feel the water there…
Now, in order to get that water into her transverse colon, I’m going to ask her to lie on her back. Now, this is a little tricky, Hillary, I want you slowly move over to your back, but I’m going to have you lift that leg up. I said, it was a little tricky.
Okay, we have water now, that's moved all the way up the descending colon, across the transverse colon. And now we’re going to let Hillary down and we’re going to get the water over into her ascending colon and cekum, by having her lie on what is her right side.

Okay, Hillary, you want to come down slowly. Good. And just keep breathing. And I’m going to have you put his foot down, while I keep the enema tip held in. Just go ahead and bring it down, keep breathing and then now I want you to slowly bring that leg up here, so I can get this hose around. Perfect! And now just slowly keep breathing, let yourself rollover. Wonderful. Just relax and keep breathing. And now, Hillary, if you would move your head back towards the shower there a little bit.
Now, what we’re doing is - letting out water fall right down into the beginning of her colon, which is the ascending colon and the cecum.
And I can feel the water there. Can you feel the water right down there, Hillary? And you can hear it, you can hear it. It sounds like a watermelon. She’s full.

And now, we’re going to turn off the water, because she's cramping a little bit. Let her relax and breathe, and I’m going to keep her here and rock her a little bit to relax and breathe.
Now, I’ve shut this off. Thank you, Sandy.
A couple of things - if it gets a little smelly in the bathroom, again, we have our eucalyptus and or orange oil - whatever essential oils you want. It will not only disinfect the air, but, certainly, make it smell a lot better. And also, don't forget, you have your cayenne and your lobelia tinctures - always keep them on hand. Hillary felt a little fate earlier on the toilet, I put some cayenne tincture in her mouth and that ended that - she felt fine immediately. So always remember to keep that cayenne and lobelia tincture on hand.
Keep breathing.

Section #61:

The Cold Sheet Treatment

Now I’m going to tell you about one of the most powerful natural healing treatments known. This treatment can literally bring people back of the death bed. It has saved thousands of people's lives. This treatment is called “The cold sheet treatment”. And it is very old, like father Sebastian Kneipp, that I’ve told you about earlier, used herbs and hydrotherapy treatments, and many of the doctors of old were using hydrotherapy treatments. Dr. Christopher also used hydrotherapy treatments and mixed them with some of his new herbal treatments to design what he called “The cold sheet treatment”. But this treatment goes back hundreds of years, I seen it in volumes of hydrotherapy books, it's a very old treatment to save people's lives.
It's been used for pneumonia, it's been used for breathing disorders, it’s been used for cancer.

Any time a person isn’t responding to other treatments, this is a treatment to do. And it's a big part of the “Incurable's program”. I suggest during the incurable program, that a person does it once a week if not more.
Now, over the years, patients have said to me: “Isn't this treatment to intense?” No!
I suggest, that we’re talking about a person, that is dying. What do you have to lose? If you don't do something, this person may die on you. This treatment is not that intense, it is not radical. Again, I tell you, if you want to see radical - you go into the hospital. You’ll see someone's rib cage sawed in half with a bypass surgery, you’ll see someone's belly hacked open in half there and bowel cut out. And I tell you - this is not a radical treatment, that's radical treatment.
So, let's talk about this cold sheet treatment. Many people still have got very upset, when I’ve done this treatment.

I do this treatment in every school I teach at worldwide, whether it's naturopathic or herbal, on one or more of the students. And we have had tremendous changes, tremendous turnarounds.
You know, a few years ago in London, England I did this treatment on a young lady, and it was powerful. It was not only life-changing for her physically, but also life-changing for her emotionally. Do you know that she had so much drama happened to her during this treatment, that she was screaming afterwards? In fact, I wasn't even in the room, I had left the room, the students were outside, one of them had actually called an ambulance. They were very frightened, that I was killing this woman. And she was actually screaming: “Stop, you're killing me!” They had no idea, that she was going through an emotional change. And then also, she was feeling something that happened to her when she was very young.
This treatment is a very powerful treatment - physically and emotionally.

And I want you to know something - that woman is now my wife, I certainly don't marry everyone I’ve done the sheet treatment on, but that woman has changed her life dramatically, and is totally involved in herbs and natural healing. So I want you to know:

The first step is – we’re going to run a hot bath, a very hot bath. And we’re going to have this person eventually get in this bath. But before that, we want to make this bath actually a large herbal tea. So what we’re going to do is - put some herbs. This is just a dish towel. Again, we’re trying to use very simple things, that everybody has right around their home.

This is just a dish towel and I’m going to make a depression in it, and in the bath we use three herbs: cayenne pepper, ginger root and mustard. And how much to put in?
You know, many people call us and write us, and say: “What are the proportions?”
Again, we’re not building computer circuitry here. It doesn't matter!
I just say: “Take a handful!” Okay? We’re putting herbs in this sock. We’re basically making a big tea sock. We’re going to soak this in that tub and make a big herbal tea.
Secondly, after the cayenne, we’re going to put in some ginger root. Again, just grab a good handful, this is ginger powder, and put it in the sock.
Third, we’re going to put in some mustard. Now, we didn't have much mustard, we just bought this in the grocery store. Some people say: “Hey, it wasn’t organic!” or “Was this of very good quality?”

Who cares? We’re saving people's lives here, you get the best you can. The bottom line is - don't use any excuses to not use this treatment.
And we’re just going to add about a whole can of this mustard powder in there.
In fact, all of you, who know me - I like cayenne, so my feeling is: “Hey, let's get a little more cayenne into this.”
You can see this powder even has some full cayenne peppers. If it's powdered – fine, if it's the whole peppers – fine. Use what you have!
Now, basically, what we’re going to do is - just fold this over and draw it up, and turn it into a little teabag. I have some pieces of string here, that I’ve already caught up. And this just cotton string. And basically, all you want to do is, take your cotton string, hold it, and wrap it around this bag.

Leave a little space there, because this is going to swell up, when these herbs start soaking up the water. And then we’re just going to tie a nice knot in this.
Now, I suggest you find just a cotton string, or a hamstring, and just tie yourself a nice knot.
And what we’re going to do with this, is just put it in the tub and make a large herbal tea. Just like this.
What we’re going to do is - put this in the tub, and you can see, as I begin to squeeze it, what you can see here, is actually the color coming out: the mustard, the ginger, and, of course, the cayenne. And I’m just giving it a good head start here, squeezing this bag, and we’re making a big herbal tea here.
And, of course, you’ll smell it, it’s very strong.

What this does is - this cayenne with the hot water, and the ginger and mustard, goes actually right into the pores of the skin. The whole idea of the cold sheet treatment is – we’re stimulating an artificial fever. When your temperature rises in your body, dramatic things happen. But it's the best boost for your immune system. This is why you get a fever. We don't want to stop a fever! If we stop a fever, we stop the body’s immune system and its best action. For every degree (Fahrenheit) of temperature rise in your body, the speed at which your white blood cells travel, is doubled!
This means, that if you have a fever of 104, your white blood cells are moving 64 times faster through your bloodstream, and through your lymphatic system to eat up bacteria, virus, fungus, to eat up that cancer tumor. So, if you don't have a fever, we’re going to produce one. The cayenne, the ginger, the mustard and the hot water are going into your pores and stimulate a temperature rise.

So, this is The Step One - making the hot herbal bath. Remember, it's equal parts of cayenne, ginger and mustard. Hey, if you don't have one of them – make it anyway. Just make a cayenne, or a ginger, or a mustard bath, but try to get all three, don't skimp with the herbs, put a lot in, and get the color of this water yellow-gold to red. This is the first step – a big hot herbal bath.

The rectal injection of garlic.

Now we’re going to begin part two – the rectal injection. Then we put her into this wonderful bath of herbal tea, we’ve made.
The rectal injection is a very important part of this. We’ve cleaned out her colon already, but now we want to give her…When we talk about “injections” in herbology, we’re talking about an implant into the rectum.

You can use aloe vera, you can use all types of things to soothe and heal.
But for the cold sheet treatment, we use a mixture of 50% raw organic apple cider vinegar, 50% distilled water, and garlic cloves. So, put in a blender, and we have our blender right here, put 8 ounces of raw organic apple cider vinegar (the best brand on the market today, that I know, is called “Spectrum”) , another 8 ounces of distilled water, and we put in seven cloves of garlic today. And that you blend this up to liquefy it.
Now, we want to introduce it into her rectum, but an enema bag can only hold very fine liquids. You can't put any real unstrained herbal tea through an enema bag. And so, that's where the rectal syringe comes in.
This is a rectal syringe, and you can buy it at any drugstore across America. It's basically just a bulb. It’s like a big ear or nose syringe. And it has an enema tip on it, that just pops off, and then you can fill it.
So, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to take this mixture of apple cider vinegar, water and garlic, and pour it. And now we’ve filled our bulb syringe with our apple cider vinegar, water and garlic. And then you just snap the top back on.
This top also unscrews for cleaning purposes, and it has a little washer in there, that keeps the water in. This is a great implement for, if you have an inflammation of the bowel, you can introduce aloe vera, you can put a lot of things into the rectum very quick with this.
Remember about your lubrication. So, we’re going to put a lubrication on this tip. This is something, that you squeeze out very quickly, because the garlic is warm in the rectum, and does slightly burn. In fact, many people go into a little bit of a cramp, when this enters the rectum.

She’ll void it very soon, after I put it in, but she won't be able to get it all out. Some of that garlic will stay in there. And garlic is an important healer throughout this whole cold sheet treatment, because garlic is our greatest herbal broad-spectrum antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal. So, we’re definitely going to be using our garlic internally, and through the bowel during this program. Remember, when you insert anything into the anus, to have the person breathe and look where you're going - very important. So, take a big breath, Hillary. And I’m just inserting the tip into her anus. And take a breath in again. Good.
Just let the person relax in there for a minute and breathe, before you insert it. Now, I’m going to squeeze the bulb syringe, all at once. It only takes about a second to introduce all this liquid into her rectum. So, big breath in, Hillary. And let it out.

And that’s a common response.
(I’ve got to go!)
Breathe. And what are you feeling?

The hot soak with healing herbs.

Now, that you’ve voided the rectal injection, and the cramping stopped. And that’s usual, the cramping stopped, and that's usually. Cramping usually lasts for a few minutes. Now, it's very important, that you cover any sensitive areas of your body with Vaseline. I generally don't like to use Vaseline for anything, but this is a time and place for it, because it doesn't come off with water at all. And so, it is very important at this point, that you cover your vagina, your anus and even your nipples, if they are sensitive. Cover them with plenty of Vaseline. The only problem is - if you don't use enough.
And if you would just start running some hot water, cause we want to…How is the temperature of that, Hillary?

Okay, so crank the hot water on, and let's add more hot water, and it will not overflow. It just goes through this drain. And in there you're going to find that bag of herbs. What I'd like you to do is, pick it up, just like you’re brewing a tea, and squeeze it, and we’ll get more of that cayenne, that ginger and that mustard going into the water of that tub.
(Can I rub it on me?)
Sure, absolutely! In fact, sometimes it feels really nice, to take that bag of tea and…Go ahead and massage it, all over your body. And we’re going to keep adding hot water now, until it gets so hot, she can't stand it. And then, the next step, that's very important - while she's in the tub, is to get her to drink at least six full cups of hot herbal tea. And so, we’re going to start with our first one.
Hillary, here is your first cup of tea.

The tea is very important, because we’re heating her up from the outside, and from the inside. And, of course, the herbs in the tub are going into her pores and heating her up from the outside. The tea is going to go in and heat her from the inside.
What kind of tee to use? Generally – anything, that will make her sweat. Dr. Christopher used yarrow, which is just fine. But ginger and peppermint work just fine too. So, today, we’re having a drink - some peppermint-ginger tea. We’re going to get 6 cups down her.
Now, everybody complains a little bit about: “Do I have to drink that much tea?” Dr. Christopher's answer to that was: “If you tip your head to the side, and the tea pours out of your ear – you stop”. So, the bottom line is - don't stop drinking the tea, get as much as you can in.
She already drank one cup. That's terrific, we’re on to number two.

Again, in the air, you should be smelling the cayenne, the ginger, and the mustard fumes.
And, of course, that’s why Hillary is coughing a little bit. This is a great treatment for the lungs, opening up those lungs.
Hillary, you can lie back a little bit, but you don't want to get this, obviously, in your face, eyes, mouth. But your armpits and your shoulders are okay. It's important to submerge most of the body. How’s the heat of that bath now, nice and hot?
(I can’t tell, because the cayenne pepper is so hot.)
So, you’re already feeling the cayenne, the ginger and mustard in through your pores?
(Oh, absolutely! Especially where I’ve rubbed that tea bag. It feels good.)
And again, it’s important to tell the person to consume as much tea as possible. You have to be able to be a little heavy-handed here, you have to push a little. But remember - one cup after the other. No one stays in this tub more than, say, 15 or 30 minutes.

That's about the record, because the cayenne pepper, mustard and ginger start getting very hot in the pores. So, get that tea in and push if you have to. Remember, you're not doing this to make a friend, you’re doing this to save somebody's life. Also, remember, keep that cayenne and lobelia on you, because she's going to start feeling faint maybe a little later, and we’ll bring her right back around with that cayenne tincture.
So, again, we’re pushing Hillary to drink as much tea as possible. She's only been in this tub for about 2-3 minutes now.
(Oh, God.)
And she’s already feeling the heat of the herbs into her pores, and also - the heat, that's starting to build inside her body, from almost finishing her third cup of tea. Good job, Hillary.
Something to always remember with treatments like this - we need willing volunteers. If someone doesn't want to do it - hey I'm not in the business of torturing people. We want to help people get well, and this will do it.

Go ahead, good, and lay back again. Let it get up to your shoulders, if you can.
And we have the next cup of herbal tea right here for you. But you can take a little break here, before the next one.
Hillary, can you tell me what you’re feeling?
(Just intense heat on the surface of the skin.)
Yeah, just keep breathing and try to relax as much as possible. Good.
And it’s important to let me know at anytime if you feel weak of faint. And always remember – have someone with you, when you're administering this to someone, because you’re going to need another helper to help get her up out of the tub if she's feeling very weak and faint.

Again, as long as you have your cayenne tincture, noone will faint on you, and you’ll see, that if she starts to get a little week, we’ll bring her right back around with this.
Okay, Hillary, I’d like you to work on this next cup of tea. I think, we’re probably only going to be about five more minutes in this tub, maybe less. So, push to get that cup down.
Temperature of that tea okay?
Do you feel the sweat coming on at all?
Okay, it will come.
How's the temperature of the water, Hillary?
Can we add a little more hot water?
(I don’t think so.)
Okay, alright, good job.
(Oh, God.)
That’s cup number…I’ve lost count.
Three of four.

(It feels like I’m having a fever. And my skin feels really extra sensitive.)
Yes. And you are beginning to have a fever, this is one of the ways that you can create an artificial fever. And that’s exactly what we want to do here.
A little later on I'll tell you the power of what this fever is doing in the body.
Hillary, I want you to breathe air, and I want you to try to work on this other cup of tea.
Just do your best, Hillary, you’re doing great.

Always remember - you have to keep the pressure up with the tea. The only time anybody has ever been hurt by a fever, is a dry fever. So, we want to make sure, that she has lots of liquids in her body. Great, Hillary.
Hillary, you can lay back and relax in there if you want, for a minute. No? You can stay just like that. This is your show and you can do whatever you want.
Always remember to keep plenty of tea going into this person. Remember, push that tea. No one has ever been hurt as long as they keep plenty of liquids in. It's only a dry fever, where people have been hurt.
Keep breathing, Hillary. Good, good.

Do you feel faint at all, or are you okay? Your face is red, everything looks good. We’ll probably going to do one more cup of tea, and then I think we'll get you out.
Remember again, some of you watching this may think, that this is intense. But I again tell you – the intensity and the radical behavior is from the doctors and hospitals. We’re doing this program to stimulate people, to save their life - don't forget that.
(Just doing a little emotional purging.)
That’s good, Hillary. Can I ask you to lie back and cover those shoulders? Okay, you can always say no too.
And if we can get down just a little lower and get those shoulders…perfect, beautiful, good job! You’re doing great!

Always give a person a lot of encouragement, but keep the pressure up. Good job, Hillary. And you’re going to be the judge - the one to tell me, when you want to get out.
Most people want to get out a little sooner, than I like them to get out. So, when a person finally tells you: “That's it! I can't take it anymore!”, - I usually try to keep them in the tub another anyways from 30 seconds to 5 minutes - to really get the most out of the herbs in this tub and this herb tea.
(Oh, God, I’m so relaxed!)
Yes, do you feel any sweat now, perspiration? I see a little on your forehead. We’re going to bring you one more cup of tea, you’re doing good, hang in there. Again, sometimes I’ve had people during this bath treatment, have spasms in their muscles.

Sometimes terrific spasms in the muscles, and there's where you can use the lobelia tincture.
We have our next cup of tea, I’ve got it right here. And I’m just going to set it here for you, Hillary. One more cup and I think that'll about do it.
(I thought you’ve said that last time.)
Yes. Sometimes I have small herbal lies when someone's in the tub. You encourage them to keep them going. Now, remember - Hillary is healthy. There wasn't anything wrong with her to begin with, so this is just a great cleanse for her.
But people with asthma and lung problems at this point could be coughing up cups of mucus. Other people can be having other things, people with tumors can feel pain there. All sorts of physical and emotional things will happen in this tub.

Keep your cayenne and lobelia tincture with you, keep the tea going in.
(I’m feeling chills.)
Good. You sometimes will feel different: hot and colds, shaking. Some people will begin to shake terrific. There's nothing wrong with vibration! That means more circulation, more energy is going through her body. Probably, a little later, we’ll see a lot of vibration coming out of her body. Somewhere along the line people started to think, that vibration or shaking is bad, and we had to stop it.
Let the body flow, let that energy flow, let those nerves be on fire. We’re waking up the body here.
Ba-aah! Come on, let it out, Hillary. Good! A couple of good screams, come on. Good.
Let’s get it out there. Good. Let those burdens out.

Yes, come on, aaarrgh!
Good, good, okay. We’re going to get you out of this tub. So, try to relax a little bit now, calm that breathing, and we’re going to get you out of this tub.
Yes. Can I get you to stand up for me?
Come on, I’m going to help you. Good. Just stay right there. And we’re going to bring you out and put you on this, and we’re going to let you stand up. Stay right there for a minute. Are you okay?
Okay, just going to spread this a little bit.
Sandy, get our bucket of ice. Okay, there is snot coming right out of your nose.
Yes, there’s good.
Okay, come on out, if you would. We’re going to stand you right here.
(Oh my God.)
Just keep breathing, that’s your job.

You get that person out of the bath, and what we have prepared here is an all cotton sheet, that's been soaking in water and in ice.
And, actually, I'm going to put it here, and this is a “Cold sheet”. We get a lot of the excess water out of it, and we have an ice cold sheet, that we’ll have her wrapped in.
I’m just bringing some of the excess water out of it.
Sandy, if I can get your help. Let’s open up this sheet. You’re going to love this part, Hillary. It’s the best.
And we’re just placing it on the body.

We’re going to loosely put it around and bring it around. This is ice cold, it's freezing my hands at this point, but to her it’s going to feel good.
At this point, we want to get her in bed as soon as possible, if a person is feeling a little weak or dizzy – make sure we have our cayenne tincture right here, have them tiptoe very slow, because, as you can see, she's wrapped up in a sheet, just take it easy, Hillary, breathe, and we’re going to get you right around here.
We’re going to sit you down and just…whoops.
Okay, overdose of plastic, hang on.
We actually might have to just kind of lift her up, and get her on there…Okay.
Come on, we’re going to take you around this side and sit you down.

I’m just gong to scoop you right into the middle of the bed right here. Very good.
Make sure the sheet is securely around her. And I want you to put your feet right around there. Relax.
And now, we’re going to wrap her with blankets.
Sandy, would you help me on the top there?
And we can put it at just about this width here, just right over the top of her, good.
Leave a little down at the bottom, and we’ll tuck that down under her feet. And we’re going to put another blanket on, right on top of that. Get her tucked in, nice and warm.
How do you feel in there? Okay?

The cold sheet treatment:
Final instructions and scientific rationale.

Okay, at this point we have Hillary in the bed – nice and wrapped up. And this is the point where many people apply a “Garlic paste” to the feet. But I don't always find that necessary. On the “Incurable’s program” I have people using 3 to 6 cloves of raw garlic a day anyway, and also, during this program, we put garlic into the rectum. So, I don't always find it necessary, to use the garlic paste. The main thing is to keep the person warm. We’ll notice, that she will begin to radiate heat off her body. And if you feel under that sheet, you'll feel she's getting very hot.
Once we get the person out of this blanket…they can stay in there all night, if they want…

But once we get them out of that and the sheet, the greatest thing to do is – let them shower, and help them to wash their body with some apple cider vinegar diluted with water. So we’ll have a nice sponge bath of apple cider vinegar. If, while the person is lying here, even during the night, they have to urinate – it's much better, that they just urinate here. We’re covered with plastic, and it's only a little bit of water, there’s nothing much in them anyway. And that's much better, than trying to unwrap them all, take this all off, get them to the bathroom and bring them back.
It's much better if they just have a little water right here in the bed – no problem.
Many parents come into my clinic and ask me: “Can I do this on my children?”
Sure! It's absolutely wonderful for children, just use your good judgment and your common sense. Remember, children are more sensitive to all the things, that we had been doing with the cold sheet treatment. So, I suggest, give them a warm bath, have them drink a little tea.

But you don't have to put the herbs in the bath, and then just either sponge them off with some cold water, and wrap them up, and put them to bed, or even maybe a little cold towel for a few minutes.
Remember, children look at your face to judge what's going on. And I’ve done this with 1 and 2 and 5 and 10-year-olds, and they have all enjoyed it. But make it a party, have a good time, the whole family can do it.
Medicine, science, and the pharmaceutical industry had been creating drugs for this entire century, to reduce and suppress fevers. This is a horrible thing to do! And it goes totally against what your body wants to do, to heal itself. Do you know, that Americans swallow over 215 million tablets of aspirin a day? Most of that is - to suppress fevers. This is ridiculous! There's so many reasons, that the fever is a natural response of your body, and wants to heal you.
Do you know, that for every degree of temperature rise in your body, the speed, at which your white blood cells, those of the T-cells, the B-cells, the macrophage – the cells, that eat up cancer and tumors, and toxins in the body…

The speed, at which these cells can move through your body is doubled – for every degree of temperature rise! That means for 104° fever, these cells are moving 64 times faster in your body, and can much more efficiently eat up the waste, the toxins, even the tumors in your body. This is a very important aspect of the healing process. In fact, as your body begins to have a fever, the macrophages emit a material, a chemical called “interleukin one”, which tells your body to create even a greater fever. And, of course, the cold sheet treatment with the herbs is all designed to create an artificial fever.
Because we’re putting garlic in a rectal injection in. That heats up the rectum and starts disinfecting right there. Then we go to the hot bath, a very hot bath, that warms the body up from the outside, then the cayenne, and the ginger and the mustard heat it up even more.

We have the hot tea going in, and we’re creating an even hotter body. Hillary was already running a good temperature in the bath, then, when you get out and they wrap an ice-cold sheet around you, the body senses that as “very cold” and heats you up even further. And by time you get into the bed, it's very common to run 101 and 102, even a higher fever. Now we’re creating a high fever, the immune system works faster, more efficiently. And as she lays, her body is eating up toxins and poisons, that you can’t even imagine.
Again, hot and cold treatments are used around the world for degenerative diseases.
I'd like to take a look at Hillary now, and just see how she's doing.
She's very relaxed.
Hillary, how are you doing?
(I feel very warm and really relaxed. It feels really good.)
Good. And this is always the response you get.

We’ve hurt no one with hydrotherapy and herbs, and we've healed thousands of people from degenerative diseases.

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