Volume 12

Section #66:

What to do after you have finished “The Incurables

(Okay, Richard, now let’s turn to the other side of the ones, who make it. They’ve reached the mountaintop, they’re on the program and they have reasons to be proud, they’re secured. What do you want to say to them?)
Celebrate, have a party, enjoy yourself. You know, many people either feel that way after only one month on “The Incurables” or a couple months or whatever. When you feel like you've done a lot of work and you’ve had a lot of results, maybe even if you’re not totally well…

(You don’t even have to wait then.)
…take a week off, maybe take two. Celebrate, give yourself lots of appreciation.
(So, that’s not going to cause a relapse?)
No, and I'm when I’m talking about “celebrating”, we’re not talking about Jack Daniel’s and subway submarine sandwiches here, we’re talking about…Lighten up a little bit, have some laughs, forget some of the routines for a little bit, don't necessarily go onto “bad” things…
(…but do something to reward yourself because you’ve worked hard.)
Yeah, reward yourself! You’ve done some good work, and then it's time to regroup. Pick up and say: “Hey, for a week I’m going to take it easy”, - then regroup and ask yourself a couple questions.
First one is - are you well? What do you feel? Forget what the doctor says…
(We can take a time to not just to celebrate, but to “reevaluate”)
Yes, reevaluate and see how you feel. You know - do you feel like you’ve healed yourself? Do you feel like there's any work left to be done? Ask yourself, you have to empower yourself. And most importantly – do you have any symptoms left?

You may say: “Well, 80% of the symptoms are gone, but 20% are still there”, - you need to get rid of that 20%. So, after your regroup, it's time to go back and do more work.
(And then you’ll have more enthusiasm.)

Section #67:

Top questions from readers

(Okay, Richard, now we come to questions from readers. The biggest one seems to be “dosages”. We did cover that in the first tapes. That didn't seem to be enough. It’s…all they’re saying: “I don't understand dosage, what do I take?”)
You know, medicine and pharmaceuticals have done a wonderful job of creating a very ignorant public. They don't even know how to trust their own better judgment anymore. Medicine wants a bunch of sheep, that can be led to slaughter. They don't want patients to think for themselves.
In fact, if you start asking your doctor questions, that's the first time, that you’re going to see your doctor get really mad at you.
So, what's happened is – people…
(…Well, they feel very “inadequate”…)

…people don’t know how to listen to their inner voice anymore, people don't know how to follow just good judgment and common sense, that Dr. Christopher used to talk about.
So, with dosages, let's start out and make it very simple. One unit, we can say, three times a day - that's a good place to start. Now, that unit could be a capsule of herbs, it could be one dropperful (or 30 drops) of tincture.
(So, that’s a baseline…)
…it could be a cup of herb tea, it could be a teaspoon- or a tablespoonful of herbs. But find yourself a dosage, that's a beginning dosage, and have one of those units three times a day. If that isn't working for you – double it, go up to two units three times a day, and then – 2 units 4 times a day, and two units five times a day. We’re not building a nuclear weapon here, we’re using plants of nature. This shouldn't be that difficult. Start with…
(I guess they’re frightened, Richard.)
They’re absolutely frightened. The main thing I find - people are frightened of an overdosing.

Do you know, that in my entire life I have never met the family or friends of a person, they killed themselves using herbs. Never.
(And you use more herbs than anybody do.)
Oh, and I used herbs at 20 times the dosages, 20 times the strength.
(So it would’ve happened in your clinic in all these years.)
Yes, it would’ve happened. And I’ve never seen it! I've never met anybody, who, we can say, has hurt themselves or caused any damage, or kill themselves with an overdosage.
On the other hand, I have met tens of thousands of people, who didn't get well because they were pussyfooting around with their herbs and herbal dosages, and they were afraid to take too much.
Your body will tell you when you take too much.
And remember what Dr. Christopher said: “If you vomit – a cleaner stomach for the next dose”.
(Now, it isn’t the worst thing that can happen.)
A lot of worse things can happen. Go into the hospital and there you'll find what they are.
(In the earlier tapes we mentioned for children, you know, you said you take…What is it? 150?)
Yes, we get a lot of letters about that, about people that want to know: “How do I dose my children?”

And again, I'll say this again – you take the child's weight (say the child weighs 30 pounds) and you put that over 150.
What that means is – 150 pounds is a metabolic size of a person for a complete adult dose.
So even for people listening, that are older, that aren’t children. If they weigh 100 pounds, they don't weigh what we would call “as an adult dose”.
So, even adults, that don't weigh 150.
(Oh, a lot of women…)
Sure, 110-120 pounds…They might say: “Well, I'm just sensitive”. They’re not necessarily sensitive, they're just not the mass of 150 pound person. So, anybody less than 150 pounds should put their weight over 150 and back to a child’s weights.
(Ok, so a woman's 120, let’s say…)
Yeah, 120 pounds…
(…Over a 150…)
That's right, you put that over a 150, you reduce back to the smallest fraction and you use it.
If your child weighs 30 pounds, you put 30/150, you reduce that down – that would be 1\5 of the adult dose.

If your child weighs 50 pounds, that would be 1/3 of the adult dose. But you put whatever your weight is.
Now, suppose you weigh 300 pounds, suppose we have some man, that weighs 300 pounds. Put 300/150…
(…that’s double…)
…and you’ll find 2/1. That person should be taking 4 units three times a day to get maybe their “effective dose”.
But it's based on mass – forget age, the safest way for children, for adults, for anybody - is based on that 150 pound range.
(Okay, Richard, you explained it for children. Now, what about pets? I know myself, we’ve got a little Scottie named Suzy, you’ve met her, and we had to have her spaid, so she's gaining weight, even though she isn't even need that much. And we don’t really know what to do, we don’t want to starve her, but we also don’t want her to be a pig. Could we give her some of your female formula? And how much? To restore those hormones…)
Definitely! You know, this is not an isolated question and we get thousands of letters of people, that say:

“Hey, I love my dog more than my husband…or my wife or whatever, I want to know how to fix my animal. Forget the person I live with…”
And this is very serious. The first thing we need to let people know is – that you can use all the same formulas you use on yourself on your pets. The main thing, again, is – you have to take into consideration, that some pets are very small, and some pets are really big.
(Ok, she’s like 18-20 pounds.)
Yeah at 20 pounds you put 20/150 and that’ll give you your dosage, and the dosage for small dogs is going to be down to 1\10 or 1\9 or 1\8 of what the adult dose is. So, you’re using a few drops, but it will be very effective. Animals respond wonderfully. I've had for years…
(Really sick pets were better?)
Oh, patients would walk into my office, it seems to be the major final treatment, that veterinarians use for animals, is – they kill them. Because all my patients would walk into my office with their cat or their dog, and  I’d say: “What did a vet say?” And the vet said: ”Well, it looks like he's in pain, we better put him down”.

And I would look at the animal, and it looked like…it doesn't look in pain. I that when I get older…
(They don’t put you down.)
Yeah, when I get older I have a little bit of a limp, I hope the person doesn't go: “Well, let's put old Dr. Schulze down here”.
It's a horrible thing, it seems to be the “final treatment” for animals. And I’ve had 95% of those animals recover and get well, after the veterinarian said: “Kill him”, - using herbs and natural treatments.
(You just scored things into their food.)
That’s right. People will call and they’ll say: “But, wait a minute, I got a horse with colic. Now, my horse weighs 2000 pounds or 1500 pounds” – use the “Intestinal formula #1” and use 10 times. Put 1500/150…
(You use that rule…)
You use that rule with every animal and you’ll be able to treat that animal.
Herbs and natural healing programs work wonderful for animals. And again, we get hundreds of letters on this, I'm glad you brought it up.
(Richard, another area of fear and needless confusion is - when to take herbs. Now, you’ve just covered dosages really nicely, but what about timing?)

We need to keep it simple too. We have hundreds of letters, stacks of letters. “Do I take the herbs before my meal, during the meal, after the meal, between meals?” I mean - it's endless.
People have to empower themselves to be a little bit more of their own doctor again.
(Do what they think.)
Yeah, what we need to do is - spread the herbs out, that's a guarantee. If you’re taking one unit of herbs like we talked about - three times a day: morning, noon and night. Spread it out during your day and if you feel that the herbs…maybe there’s a lot of cayenne in them and they burn a little bit on an empty stomach - take them with a little food.
(For which you shouldn’t read a book to tell you that.)
You don't need a book to tell you that! People have been so shackled by medicine and pharmaceuticals, where doctor was like: “Oh, don't you make it…How would you know? I spent 23 years in medical school and you’re a stupid ignorant person. Don't you dare make a move on your own without asking me!”

What I'm telling people is – they know a lot. My patients knew more what was wrong with them, than I did! How can I know? I'm not them! I used to sit and ask my patients was wrong with them. And they'd say: “I don't know, that’s why I keep to see you! And I go where you tell me.”
But you’re the one sitting in that body!
I mean, we would go back and forth. People, who are watching this video, are the best people to empower themselves. Take the herbs at different times, see how you feel, see how you react.
(But the questions show how unsure of themselves they are.)
That's right and bigger issue here, that we’re really dealing with, is – people need to strengthen themselves up, empower themselves and realize: “Hey, these are gifts of nature, and if I do it wrong – I’ll feel what I'm doing wrong!”
(Now, Richard, I found myself, that the more you try to answer it yourself, the better you get at answering it, the more you trust yourself and less scared you are.)
That’s right! And that's what a big part of this is, Sam, these people will learn, they will empower themselves to make these decisions.

(Will they “hear a voice” or just a feeling would say: “You don’t need it now.”?)
That’s right. Some of these readers say: “Hey, I got God told me”. Other readers say: “I listen to my little voice or my inner voice”.
Whatever it is - they know better than anybody, what is going on in their body. They need to start listening to themselves. Take the herbs at different times and see how you react to that.
(Here's a good story, that happened to Sandy and me. She was taking your female formula, and started having some hot flashes at night. Which was, like I said, because she was taking a whole thing in the morning. And you’ve told us that it was so obvious, and if we would've thought it through, spread it out.
And you’ve said: “Take a dose before bedtime”. That’s something people can do! And once, she got hot flash or something in the night and you’ve said: “Here, give her some of the tincture in the middle of the night.”)
Sure! And if you're taking your basic dosage - one dropperful, say, three times a day, but most of the problems you have are in the evening - then take extra dosages in the evening, or don't start taking the formula till early afternoon.
Use it when you experience the problem, that just makes great sense.

For most of us it's a lot of effort - to remember how to think. Because so much of our free thought has been destroyed by the public school system or our parents, or society and culture.
So, what we're telling people is – hey, think for yourself! You’re a powerful person!
Look at what's happening and make good, common sense and rational decisions.
(I think, when the start doing it, they’ll find it pleasurable.)
Yes, absolutely. And they’ll begin to feel strength, that no one can give you, that they've never had before – about making their own decisions. And that will be part of their healing process too!
(That’s right.
Now, another question we have to you, Richard, is, and they get really scared on this – you know, the poultice. It pulls out tumors, because I got, remember, couple letters.
Well, they just freaked. One man said: “It got bigger, it started discharging, looked really ugly, I had to rush to the hospital. This thing was making me worse!”)

Remember one thing about poultices and we’ve talked about a couple major ones and we even showed how to make them. Black poultices, real drawing poultices, and we've also talked about other types of poultices, that you can put on your body to draw things out. We’ve made them. Remember, that when you're doing a poultice or even a garlic application, you are now doing a surgical procedure to your body.
(What do you mean “surgical”? They’re not using a knife!)
No, but it's a herbal life, believe me.
(What do you mean – it burns, it cuts?)
…and we have pictures and the jars with the tumors at my office. You will pull things out of your body.
(So, when you met that guy from Florida, who pulled things out, I knew you didn’t meant, but I want to be sure they do…He didn’t think it was “psychic surgery”?)
No, no, we’re talking about a silver dollar sized tumor.
(That kind of “floated to the top”. The skin brakes open…)
Skin brakes open, blood comes out, pus comes out, lymphatic fluids coming out, you’re in extreme pain…
(So, it’s not that they’re getting worse or they got infected from the herbs…)

No, no! So people have to remember…Oh, no…Because all these people clear up and end up having a tremendous healing, and they get rid of their cancer or their tumors or whatever. But this is not for the lighthearted.
(It does scare them, Richard.)
If you are afraid of blood or pus, then I suggest you go to the hospital and get put under and have a surgery. This aspect of natural healing is only for the brave, and if you feel you’re a little lighthearted on this issue – make sure you have some friends around you, that aren’t going to faint at the first sign of blood or pus.
(And tell them, that it could happen.)
Yeah, and I also mentioned it on the first tape – it smells too, so make sure you have a lot of things like sage to burn in your house, and incense, and essential oils. Because we’re talking about some of the most extreme practices of natural healing and herbology: how to do surgery on your body and remove malignant tumors, using herbs.
When you're in the process of this, many people go: “O-oh! I didn’t realize that this is what Sam Biser and Dr. Schultze are talking about…

(…this is heavy stuff…)
…This hurts, I’m bleeding, there’s pus, there’s blood – that is exactly what we’re talking about.
But all I can say to these people is – continue on, because at a certain point it'll all come out, your skin will heal up, and you'll be better. Use your good common sense, take some deep breaths, don't forget your humor.
(So, don't go wild and stop everything!)
That's right, don't stop everything, it's okay, believe me! No matter what a person is experiencing, and that they think is horrible – I've seen worse in the clinic.

How Dr. Schultz has advanced the work of his great teacher.

(One area had lot of complaints on, they just get really angry and get hurt. They say: “Dr. Schultz learned from Dr. Christopher. And yet, he doesn't recommend his teacher’s formula. What is wrong with this man? What is wrong with you? Are you ungrateful? What is going on, okay?)
Oh, I’m so rude, I’m inconsiderate, I’m spitting on his grave…I’ve heard it from many people.

(Right. What kind of a man are you, that you’re pushing formulas of your teacher?)
Let's remember a couple of things. First off, a lot of people do not realize, that Dr. Christopher died, he passed away over 12 years ago. And even 12 years ago, he was telling stories about healings, that he experienced in his clinic 10-15-20 years before that. So, a lot of the Dr. Christopher information, that we have, can be 20-25-30 years old or longer.
(Most people would say: “So what? What’s wrong with that?)
There's nothing wrong with that, the principles and the foundations of what Dr. Christopher talked, as far as natural healing, were great and a lot of the herbal formulas still work today, but a lot of them need to be updated and upgraded, and some of the formulas need to be changed.
(Well, why? Why do they need to be upgraded?)
There are a lot of reasons. Things are very different now, than they were 30-35 years ago, or even 20 years ago. 20 years ago there was not a junk food restaurant on any street corner, now we have…

(We didn’t have AIDS…)
…now we have them on every street corner - junkfood restaurants. Hard drive wasn't even a word, that existed 20 years ago. In the last two decades we've seen dramatic change, people exercise less, they eat higher, refined more fatty food programs. We’re probably under more stress now, in the middle of the 1990s, than ever before in history.
(So, what do you say is – you’ve got to upgrade the programs?)
We can’t expect to take the same herbal formulas and have them work for us the same way, or sometimes -  it's not the formula, it's just the dosage and the intensity of the routine. Also, since Dr. Christopher's passing, most people, that represent him or his routines, have weakened his routines.
(Why would they do that?)
Well, they think: “Oh, Gosh, he’s not around to defend himself. I mean Dr. Christopher…you knew the Doc… he was a very intense natural healer, okay? And he did not bent. That is one thing I learned from the Dock, when I was around him. He did not bend on his programs.
I mean, listen to this – “a cleaner dosage for the next cop, when you vomit”, or…

(Vomiting is cool…)
Yeah, or you’d say: “Well, how do I know when I’ve had enough?” And the Doc would say: “Well, tip your head. If the herb tea doesn’t pour out of your ear – have another cup!”
These may sound cute, but this is a very intense natural healer. But I have found, that most of the people around to quote Dr. Christopher now, are afraid of his intensity of 10 or 20 or 30 years ago.
(So, they are “normalizing him” into a wellness surplus.)
Oh, they’re taking the herbs out of his formulas, they’ve taken parts of the routines and thrown them away. And, on the other hand, you have one person here, one of his students, that's intensifying and updating his routines.
(So, you’re going the other way.)
If Dr. Christopher was alive today, don't you think, that he'd be changing his formulas? He'd be alive!
I hope that, when I die, my students don't carve everything I said in granite
(..and don’t say: “Dr. Schultze said that”!)
…yeah, and bow to it! I hope that my students take everything I’ve done and run with it, upgrade it, intensify it, modernize it, make it work better, work it in the clinic and see what happens.

When I studied with Dr. Christopher, he hadn’t been in the clinic in years. And now, it’s been over 20 years since he was in the clinic. I've been in the clinic last year, I know what it's like, I travel around and meet these people. You learn what works – you have to do it!
So again, is very important…You know, I look into the health food store today, and I look at a lot of the herbal products there, when I first started to try to clean my bowels, I’ve used Arnold Ehret's “Inner clean”.
We’ve all heard of “The Mucusless Diet”.
(I sure have.)
Arnold Ehret was born in 1862, he made herbal formulas for Wyatt Earp and Buffalo Bill. That stuff isn't going to work for us anymore. This is not disrespect for our teachers of the past, but come on! I don't care, I told this, and I’ve said it many times: I am not out to win a popularity contest, I don't care who complains about me and who doesn't like me, I have one goal, and that's – helping people to get well.  
(Well, I think that’s going to help people understand where are you coming from.)

Section #68:
Conclusion: Don’t sell Natural Healing short.

(Richard, the last thing, I guess, I want to leave these people with, because you won’t be there, for them to talk to, like you were for me to talk to all this year, is – “don't sell natural healing short”. A lot of people, who are strong advocates of natural healing, still put a cap on it. You know, like they put a glass ceiling on women in the corporate world. Well, they kind of have a glass ceiling for natural healing, that it will work only if your condition is not that bad.
But when it hits this ceiling then - it's medical all the way.)
Yeah, that’s right.
(So, let’s address to that. They’re selling it short.)
Anybody, who thinks there are limits, at least remember me, remember the stories about my heart. I had valves, that wouldn't work, that the doctor would be deformed and could never fix themselves.
I got new valves in my heart.

I burnt the skin off of this hand down to the bone, to where the doctor wanted to saw my rear end onto my hand. He said, I'd never grow skin again.
(So, you should’ve had just a claw?)
That’s right.
I didn’t even talk about my knee, that I ripped out all the ligaments in my knee, and the doctor, I think his name was Dr. Frankenstein, wanted to saw ligaments out of cadavers into my knees, so that was “the only way”.
He said, I'd never walk again. This was one of the top orthopedic doctors in Los Angeles. I'm walking, I’m tap dancing!
I mean, if people remember anything, remember my stories and the stories of my thousands of patients, that healed themselves from the most horrible degenerative and incurable diseases, anybody's ever seemed to know.
(Well, what happened to them, wasn’t supposed to happen.)
No, not at all!
We broke all the boundaries of science and medicine.
One thing, that I think is very important for people to remember – medical diagnosis and prognosis.
You know, we have books out there, we have the “Merck manual”, which is based on “here's all the diseases, that people can have, and here's the prognosis or the outcome, that these people can expect”.

I call this the “faulty mathematics of medicine”.
What people need to remember is what is in between there – of people getting diseases and their ability to heal – is the average American. The average American, who’s eating 200 donuts a year.
(So, all the prognosis are based…)
…on sick people…
(…on the “burger guy”…)
…on the average American, who’s too stressed out, a cholesterol level of 200, hardly has a bowel movement, and when they do – it's once a week, he eats that horrible food program, pumping mud through their body, thinking negative thoughts!
(So, when they tell you, you’ve got 6 months to live – it’s based on that guy.)
And they have six months, and if you’re going to live that unhealthy lifestyle, you better go out buy the “Merck’s manual”, because it's going to tell your future.
On the other hand, if you're willing to take responsibility for your health – step outside of that average horrible American and become a different person with a different lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle – throw that book away. It's the biggest book of lies ever printed in the world, it just tells you nothing, that will apply to you.

And what book should you get? There aren't any! These tapes are it! There's nothing ever written about what you can expect, what healing, that your body can do, if you're willing to take better care of yourself.
(But, Richard…Even me…I find out to believe your stories, I’ve talked to these patients, that have cured themselves, I’ve seen their test reports. Even me, I say to myself: “That’s too much.”
Like you had that case in England, whaen a man was… Tell us about that, I never expected that could happen from natural healing. And I believe in what you’re telling me.)
I was in Dublin, Ireland, I was teaching at Trinity Medical College over there, which is one of the most impressive medical colleges in Europe. As soon as I arrived in England, one of our students got into a horrible car accident. At 40 miles an hour he drove his little midget sports car into the front end of a range rover. And I think anybody knows what that means – the range rover had a dent, and the midget sports car was a crumple of steel.
They had to extract him out of it with the jaws of life, and he said: “I don't want to go to the hospital.
And they brought him directly into the clinic, into the school.

(Because most people would say: “That’s insane!” – natural healing with that injuries, right?)
Broken ribs, fractured bones, I mean this person was in horrible shape.
In fact, the whole top of his knee was ripped off so to the point, where I could see his patella. His knee cap was just floating around in there, he had a hole in his leg!
And we had nurses there, and we had many students of natural healing, we put them back together.
The nurse told me, that she had never seen anything like this in all her years in the hospital.
(What did you do basically, without getting into heavy detail?)
We put him back together – we closed the wound, we used herbal poultices, we used our tinctures – everything we’ve talked about in these tapes!
(And it worked?)
What doesn’t work is – with people, who are afraid to try!
She told me, that he had healed better, that man there, than anybody she'd seen in the hospital in 20 years of emergency work.
And I said: “Why do you think that is?”
And she goes: “I think, what the doctors do, goes so much against the body, that you gave him a chance.”
We had that wound healed in 24 hours, it was closed and never opened again.

(That is pretty amazing.)
Yeah. And I’ve seen it again and again – people with head injuries in the hospital. I’ve gone into the hospital to treat people with head injuries, that were scheduled to have their heads carved into – and in 24 hours, using simple words like garlic and cayenne, we had their pressure down, we had them well.
(Wait a minute…They were ready to cut for what reason?)
Head injury, head trauma, when a brain was swelling.
(Richard, why would they want with a head injury… just for me, for our readers: why do they want to go and make those cuts? What’s going on?)
Sure, there was bleeding in the brain, and so you have swelling of fluids in the brain, and it gets so much pressure.
Many times the only way to relieve the pressure, beyond drug therapy, is – actually
(You’ve got to mechanically go in.)
And this person was an older person, that had extreme bleeding in his brain and swelling.
And I suggested, because the family…
(What do you mean “you suggested”? You were in the hospital?)
Yes, I went to the hospital. The family demanded, that I go to the hospital and meet with the surgical team, the physical therapist, the neurological team.
(So, you were really in on this.)

Oh, absolutely. In fact, in my final 10 years of my practice, most families felt so strongly about having me involved, they wanted me to be the number one physician in care of these people.
(And the doctors agreed with that?)
Oh, I stormed my way in so many hospitals.
And after they saw me one or two times, and saw the results, that they were getting, they were definitely willing to give it a try.
(So, you mean, you were in the consulting and managing a case?)
Oh, absolutely. And they wanted to immediately go in, and the family said: “You know, we’ve felt, that drilling into his brain would cause such a disruption in his life and be so dramatic, that it might do more harm than good.” I mean, we have an 80-year-old man here.
And I said: “Look!” We can use herbs, that will reduce his blood pressure and stop the bleeding.
And the doctor’s said: “Like what?”
And I said: “Garlic.”
And he looked at me, and he goes: “You know, my mother in the Philippines use garlic to took her blood pressure down to nothing, down to normal.”
And I’ve said: “Yeah. Garlic is famous for that.”
And another doctor said: “Well, what about bleeding?”
I said: “Cayenne pepper.” You don't have a better herb, than cayenne pepper, to stop bleeding, even internal bleeding.

And one of the nurses said: “You know, I heard about that, we had a patient in here, that stopped massive hemorrhaging, using cayenne pepper.”
And the next thing, you know, is – they were all agreeing with me, we followed the process…
(And they went ahead with you?)
In 24 hours there was no need for surgery anymore, his internal bleeding has stopped…
(Well, what did they say to you, when this result occurred?)
Ah, they said: “Good job.” - and we went on, but I’ve established credibility in many hospitals that way, and I go in and, you know, meet with the other doctors, and we decide what to do for the patients.
Remember, it's the patient's right to decide what therapy they want to get involved in.
(So, I think this is back to our point – don't sell it short.)
(Not just the doctor sell it short, but the customers sell it short!)
(It's so obvious, that they sell it short, by the way they call my office and ask the questions, that they do.
And we’ve been hit right from beginning, Richard, with: “You didn’t covered the chronic fatigue syndrome…”, “Oh my God, there’s only a page on ALS…”, “I want a refund, this is all useless…”)

…“There’s not enough on Parkinson’s disease”…And I have a thousand letters…
(Or: “I give you a Latin disease name, and you and Dr. Schulze didn’t cover that!”)
And do you notice, that every month doctors come up with a new name for a disease.
I mean, we can't possibly update. But these people have missed the entire point…
(…of all these videotapes.)
…of everything I said, of every videotape, if they ask that question.
The whole basic principle and foundation of natural healing is not treating a disease, it's creating a lifestyle, that is so conducive of health: with your food program, and your cleansing, and your elimination programs, and your exercise, and your emotional programs – that so conducive of health, that your body will heal itself.
We’re not attacking disease, we’re not killing disease. That's what doctors do.
And the diseases out there today – the doctors can’t even do that, they're rampant, diseases are out-of-control, doctors are unable to fix you.
We’re not trying to kill or cure disease.

(So, they don’t need the name of their disease…)
They don’t need the specifics.
Most of the people, who follow these programs didn't do any specifics for their disease, they just got well.
You know, I've always said: “It's very simple to get well – you stop doing the things, that you did, that made you ill in the first place, and you begin new healthy programs.”
(Hey, you know, Richard, if you actually did give them like, you know, if they want “chronic fatigue syndrome”, if you’d had a herbal formula for that, you’d be hurting, because what would they do – they would take that one formula and forget everything else in the tapes.)
And their chronic fatigue might go away, but it will be back right in their face again. Because they didn't solve the underlying problems, which were all those basics we talked about it naturally healing!
(But this comes back to that man, who, when you had your clinic, you know, you diagnosed him and he says to you. He goes: “I got a rash in my arm”.
And you examine him and all and say: “No, you don't. I think, you’re going to have cancer.”
And he says: “No, I don’t want to treat that. I’m not interested in everything else!”
So, it didn’t work, and you got rid of him as a patient.)

That’s right.
(You’ve closed down your clinic. And then he comes by one day, finds, that you’re no longer there. And the guy’s just in tears, because guess what, he's got cancer now.)
Yeah, no surprise.
You know, most of my patients, that came to me, came to me, because they’ve been to everybody else and they had treated all their problems – just that problem.
(The way our readers want to treat them, right?)
Even with natural healing, with herbs, and with medication – they’ve tried every way across the globe…
(..except this total approach.)
…from acupuncture to chemotherapy – to treat that problem. But none of them had set up a lifestyle to heal themselves.
And that's what these tapes are all about!
(I guess, what I want the readers to gather from these tapes – is to start thinking with these principles.
You know, it's like - to take French when you’re in high school and you know some phrases, but you can't think in French. You go there – and you’ve got to look in the book, you don't know anything.
Well, it’s the same with herbs – they’re now looking at page “so-and-so” in the manual, tape #7 or something like that, they want to just do what you’ve said, but there's no thinking!)

That’s right! They have to create…
(…the “language of natural healing”…)
…in their life what I call “a software program of natural healing” to where anybody, that walks up to them and says: “Here, here’s something good for your pancreas, it's the dried pancreas of a cow”.
And they hold it in their hand, and they have to think: “Is this really good for me?” “Does this make sense or is this “voodoo”?
We want our readers to begin to think for themselves. This is what this is all about.
(It is not even to follow every little nitpicking thing.)
No, it’s to empower themselves to create their own healing program, to get well, and then create a lifestyle, that’s going to keep them healthy and well for years to come
(…and make it permanent…)
Yes, make this a part of their life.
(That’s great!)

End Volume Twelve

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