rusSAVE YOUR LIFE ( by Dr.Richard Shulze) - 4

Volume 4

Section # 17

Brain cancer (Continued)

A follow-up on the four-year old girl with brain cancer

(Now, you’ve told me that four year old little girl with the long hair…That’s a brain tumor also.)
(And she is doing the casor oil?)
Yes. They just came to me, they came to me about two weeks ago. In fact, I talked with her dad on the phone from here. They came to me with (you can imagine this) - they are not what we might say “New Age people”.

He's an attorney, she's a housewife. They’re regular people, but they went to the doctor. The kid started exhibiting (four-year-old girl, gorgeous blonde hair down to here) - she started having paralysis, she started tripping around the house. They took her to the hospital, (doctors) said massive aggressive malignant tumor on her brainstem. They said: “We cannot do surgery”, - and they said that with chemotherapy and radiation they gave her three months to live, if she did chemoradiation.
(Even if she did?)
Yeah. And with steroids. They wanted to put her on steroids, and they did put her on steroids. Parents came to see me and I said: “Well, why are you coming to see me?”, and they’ve said: “We don't want to do that.” If the best they’re offering is three months with all that chemo and all that radiation…
(It’s not a great deal, is it?)
It’s not a good deal.
(Okay, so she’s getting better?)
Yeah, she walked in my office with her parents. The first thing I noticed was all this gorgeous blonde hair. I mean, what do you think would happen to that child's immune system if they would had all her hair removed with the chemotherapy and radiation?

(How long did it take for this little girl? Are there difference with older people and brain tumors, their metabolism? How fast before a little notices something?)
Well, right now we’re at (cause this is a “story in progress” here) - right now she is off all steroids we did a “wean down program” and I suggest everybody on drugs get…
(How long did it take for you to get it off it?)
We took three weeks….two and a half weeks to get her on a wean down program. Just about to now. She's on no Decadron, which is a steroid drug, the swelling in her body (of course that drug maked her…she was swelling all over the place) - getting off that drug made her swelling go down. And she's on everything. If any of people that are listening to this are whimping out with this program, I’m going to tell you right now: “This four-year-old girl was doing six cloves of garlic a day, mashed up and put in avocados. She's doing her “Regeneration tonic”…
(She’s taking all the teas, that an adult would take?)
She's on an adult dose of “Superfood”, she's drinking beat juice, spinach juice.

And her parents are just being really straight with her. They’re saying: “There’s a tumor in your head, and this is what’s going to get rid of it.” And I also let her know, that if she was good and she did all this, that later on this was not going to be the rest of her life. Cause kids could sometimes focus just on what's going on today.
(Why did you give her all those juices? You haven’t mentioned that before.)
Because they build the blood. And we'll talk about that, the whole program. She's doing “Hot & Cold showers” twice a day, castor oil packs twice a day, she's getting bodywork to the head, and to the neck - to stimulate that (blood flow)
(All right, wait a minute - the parents try to massage her?)
The parents are massaging her themselves, they didn't know where to go. So I got them working. You know, anybody can extend some love and some squeezing. You don’t have to have a license to do bodywork. I mean, everybody knows how to hug and squeeze and need, and that makes everybody fill better.
(Now, you say she's better and her parents probably do also. What does a little girl have to say right now?)
Well, she still has a little paralysis, but it's not as bad, her family is behind it, and she's a happy camper. And I don't know if she…
(Does she know, that she is better? Does she say: ‘Mommy, I’m better?’ ”)

Not quite yet, but imagine where she’d be if she would underwent that therapy. Imagine what she'd feel like on chemotherapy. She’d be horrified, they’d had her strapped to…you know what CAT scans like? They strap you to a table and put you in a spinning tunnel. I mean, this horrifies children - medical procedures horrify adults, let alone children.
(But she’s better than even, she is on the way?)
Oh, absolutely. She's on the way and I absolutely believe she's going to have a healing, and so do her parents and her grandparents.
(So you know what these cases prove? Like I said, brain cancer is so frightening, that if you heal brain cancer, that is a prove there are no incurable diseases.

Brain tumors: Some alternative skull compresses.

(If the Castor oil didn’t work, absolutely didn’t work. What else did you do? What else could you do?)
BFNC - that's Dr. Christopher’s famous formula for putting over the head and down the spine. You use it the same way you do with the Castor oil. You can even alternate the Castor oil with the BFNC treatment.

(And both of those would penetrate the skull?)

(Anything else as “options” for people? Cause they’re out there, they’ll never meet you and things they can try – if one doesn’t work, then try the other…)
It’s a good question. If you can’t get the BFNC, just use the 1 or 2 herbs, that are in it. I mean, I would put garlic paste on my head, diluted, before I give up. The key here is - don't use any excuses not to do the program.
(You try something?)
Anything, anything and everything.
(Have you ever use cayenne on the head?)
Absolutely I've had people rub cayenne powder into their hair. I've had them put cayenne tincture on their head. And many people put my “Heating balm” on their head, which is a bit intentse.
(What’s that - like “Ben Geyer’s”, but worse?)
Yeah, but it's natural and it's much stronger. It has cayenne, ginger mustard in it and it’s very penetrating. I even had people put it in their years. And after they have been screaming for about 10 minutes – it was dramatic. The healing that took place. And I’m not necessarily suggesting that that's one for everybody.
(Right, but it has been done?)
Oh, absolutely.

We have to get that circulation increased.
(No matter what it takes.)
No matter what it takes.

Section #18

Bone cancer

The bone cancer. To me it’s “number two” as far as frightening, because again you can’t just “cut a hole and pop that thing out, because it’s your bones itself.)
Yeah, and of course your bone marrow is where every blood cell is made, every white blood cell, every red blood cell.
(That’s easy to forget.)
Yeah, every blood cell in your body starts off in the bone marrow - that's the bottom line. So of course, when you're talking bone cancer or leukemia (we’ll get into that in a minute) – we’re talking pretty much “a death sentence” here. Rarely does a doctor say: “Oh, you’re going to live another 4 years.”
(So it’s not just the bone is in trouble?)
(The blood is in trouble.)
The blood and the blood manufacturing, absolutely. This is why sometimes they do bone marrow transplants - they take your bone marrow out. By the way, for many Americans that procedures $150 000 – 300 000 are not covered by most insurance plans.

Patients don't know that, doctors don’t tell them and hundreds of people in this country have had their houses taken away from them, cause they couldn’t pay for their bone surgery. Even after the relative died, the family still gets their house taken away.
(That’s awful.)
That’s how awful it is.
(Tell us about some of your successors. What’ve you done?)
Okay. I had a man come to me with the worst case of bone cancer I had ever seen. He was an executive, he came to me. But he didn’t come to me for bone cancer.
(What did he come for?)
He came to me for a bladder infection - he had prostate cancer, that had metastasized. They carved out his prostate, it had metastasized to his bladder - they took out his bladder and remade a bladder in him out of pieces of his colon, they had cut off his testicles, he couldn't get an erection - so they put a plastic pump in his penis, so he can get an erection. This is a man that had been carved up incredibly. Now he had such infections from the surgery, the antibiotics didn't work anymore. And he wanted to know if there was any…

Now he also had bone cancer - 90% of the bones in his body. The worst case I've seen. When he figured he was going to die, he just wanted to…
(He wanted you to help him?)
Oh no, he just wanted to know if he could pee once good before he died. That’s all he wanted to do.
(And he said that?)
Yeah, absoultelly. “Stop the bladder infection”. Well, of course, we stopped the bladder infection immediately, because I've never ever, ever seen herbs fail for killing the bacteria in the urinary tract – ever. Ever! I just want to say that right now, so everybody out there, who’re hearing this and have a bladder infection or urinary tract infection - I have never seen the urinary tract herbs fail, ever.
(And that was herbs like juniper berries?)
Juniper berries, corn silk, parsley, wild carrot - and they're just wonderful, wonderful herbs for destroying that infection.
(Ok, so you cleared that up on him…)
That’s right and he was thrilled…
(But when did you tell him: “We could do more?”)
I’ve told him that on a first visit! And he was like: “Look…”, - he goes.

You know, he just even didn’t believe it. He goes: “I’m not even looking for that, I just want to get rid of my bladder infection.” And in two days he left a message on my machine, that said: “I can't believe it!!!” He was shouting. He goes: “You cleared up a bladder infection, that no doctors or no antibiotics could touch. This is a miracle.” And I called him back and I said: “It's only the beginning. We’re going to do the bone cancer.” And then I could hear him thinking, you know. Cause no doctors or antibiotics could fix the bladder infection, now I know - he's thinking, I got him intrigued. He came in my office and we started the work. He went through fevers, he went through fevers that went on and on and on.
(Now, fevers that happened, or you deliberately…?)
We caused them. You know, when the body, when the immune system is charged up, your body’s going to heat up.
(You mean, you’ve triggered this?)
Oh, absolutely. “The cold sheet treatment” (and will go into that later) triggers fevers, okay? This is the whole idea.

Dr. Christopher said “we want to incubate the body”, we want to heat it up. This man had fevers, he dramatically changed his food program, we made the major food programs. He was anaemic, he got so anaemic he turned white, his skin was almost translucent. We put him on high iron juices.
(Anaemic from the cancer in the bone?)
Many people with bone cancer…Cause again - the bones is where the blood is made. So when you have cancer there, you're not making blood and you get anaemic. And so it's always important that we do the juices and the herbs, and the foods for being anaemic – the high iron foods. We brought him out of that anaemia in three days.
(Three days?)
Yeah, 3 days. But you’ve got to use the foods, the high iron foods, one of the greatest – as beets and beet greens – run them into that juicer. And think about your dark fruits – anything that's purple or blue, or red: raspberries, blue berries, boysenberries, cherries – all high iron foods.
(And that’s what turns the blood iron in.)

One of the highest iron foods is sea vegetables, as dulse. Dulse and kelp, but dulce is best – high in iron. Sunflower seeds – one of the highest foods in iron. 100 g of sunflower seeds will give you twice the iron you need for the whole day – a powerful iron food. So that juices, the iron foods and even the iron herbs. There are herbs that are very high in iron, like yellow dock.
…The high iron herbs and the blood building herbs - herbs to build up the blood.
(Such as?)
Red clover.
(You gave him all the red clover herbs)
Absolutely. And superfood – I talked about that, but I use plants that are the highest sources of vitamins, minerals, iron…
(And you combine them into one food?)
Absolutely. Alfalfa – vitamin-mineral herb. We powered him up three days and the anaemia was gone. You know, this is a good point that I should make here – nobody goes from disease to health in a straight line.
(Okay, you were talking about building the blood. Tell us about what herbs could be used to help build the blood up?)

There are some great herbs that help build the blood, not only yellow dock that was one of Dr. Christopher’s favourite – because of its high iron content. And, of course, we’re looking at iron and mineral rich herbs. Dulce and kelp –we can't forget those two very important seaweeds, sea vegetables.
(Which is better – dulce of kelp?)
Dulce is highest in iron and they grow in the ocean, and they just absorb the minerals out of the ocean. They’re incredibly rich in iron and minerals to build the blood. Classic herb – alfalfa. I mean, look at the horses. The horses almost eat a mono diet of alfalfa now, and look at how big they grow 1500 pounds of muscle. Alfalfa is the vitamin-mineral herb and almost identical to alfalfa is barley (Hordeum vulgare). And the grasses are best – if you can get the grasses before it's even turned into a plan – just  a young alfalfa and barley grass.
(Barley grass…how do you make barley grass?)
Barley grass - you can just grind it up, powder it up, you can mix it in drinks…
(What do you do, germinate the barley?)

You just germinate like you would alfalfa, but let it go beyond the sprout and let it actually turn into grass.
(How big?)
Similar to wheatgrass - about this high. You can let it grow to 6 inches to a foot high, and you can grow it yourself - alfalfa grass, barley grass. And wheatgrass is also terrific, very strengthening to the blood, builds the blood, it is almost identical to human blood in analysis, but also it's detoxifying. Wheatgrass is powerful and detoxifying. I help a person start a wheatgrass juice business and within months there were 100 people outside their door in the morning with their cup, waiting to get their wheatgrass juice. Tumors out their neck, that had gone away, wheatgrass is a powerful detoxifying tool.
(So, you had this gentleman do certain of these things?)
Absolutely, he did the blood building foods, the blood building herbs. And also, what's very important – are the immune stimulating herbs, even more, when you have blood diseases. Echinacea, the classic.

And not only taking the echinacea tincture, but also I had him boiling the root himself. That’s important! Remember – most of the echinacea products on the market don't work, so get good quality ones that make your mouth tingle.
(You mean that’s one thing, that they’ve got to look for – they’re have to have that puckering effect?)
Absolutely and also you want that in the root. If you get the root…
(How do you get a root? Are they available?)
Yes, you can buy the root, you can buy the fresh echinacea roots, the dried Echinacea roots. You take that root (we cut it into about 1 inch or half-inch pieces) and just boil it in water. We make a decoction like we talked about earlier – you simmer that for 15 min. It makes a very potent tea, drink that tea all day long – drink it for a week, take a couple days off, drink it for another week. And keep doing that until you well.
(Don’t you soak it overnight first?)
Absolutely – soak it, let that root swell up, and you can use the tincture too. And it's important – not only is your tincture of high quality, but you must use a certain amount.

I would suggest a minimum of two dropperfulls or 60 drops of tincture three times a day. That's a starting point, you need that much just to begin to stimulate.
(But in case like him, when he’s ready to die, how much?)
We used it six times a day – 2 to 3 dropperfulls six times a day, double of that minimum dosage I give you. Again, the problem with most people is – they don't take enough herbs.
(Why if they’re that ill don’t they take enough?)
It's because dosages. People are so afraid to put a powerful dosage on a herb bottle.
(What do they think – that it’ll kill them? They already have cancer!)
Echinacea has been used for 300 years in this country, the Indians used it. There are no toxic chemicals in Echinacea, there's no toxic amount – you can't take too much echinacea. You can eat it like food. So there are no worries with taking massive amounts of echinacea.
(Now, I believe you’ve said that you had fevers on this gentleman and you caused fevers. So, you used the echinacea to help with that?)
Echinacea…when you think of a fever – think of echinacea. It's a specific, because…

(To kill the fever, or to do what?)
No – to stimulate your immune system even more. Because when you have a fever, remember – we’ve mentioned before that your body's defensive mechanism is to stimulate your white blood cells to eat more and move quicker through your body. And, of course, echinacea is an immune stimulant. So you’re just helping your immune system when you use echinacea.
(Okay, but you’ve got to use this kind of amounts? You’re not just playing with the disease.)
Absolutely! Americans tend to not use him enough herbs, enough natural remedies, enough juices (remember, I said a gallon a day). Americans just don't use enough.
(Yeah, you didn’t say: “Two cups a day.”)
That’s right – a gallon. That's 128 ounces, that's an 8 ounce glass every hour you're awake.
(Okay, what happened with this man with his bone cancer? The pain, I know, is going to be bad.)
Yeah, the pain is bad, and you just have to work the people with this pain.
(But what happened to the pain?)
It got better and better.

He finally wanted to go in, and get another bone scan – totally gone. He had no bone cancer visible. The first time he went in for the bone scan – it has reduced, and the second time and in – it was totally gone.
(How long are we talking about now?)
We’re talking about a 4 month period – his bone cancer was gone. This was not only the worst case of bone cancer I had seen, but the results were dramatic. And he, you know, he still felt a little beat up, okay?
(What he was sore?)
Yeah, sore. And the scans were clean though: “there’s no active bone cancer in your body at all, zero”. He still had some intermittent fever, so, beyond what the doctors could detect, there were still some cleansing to do. Remember – this man had prostate cancer, bladder cancer. I guarantee, that there was cancer in the areas of his body, that the doctors didn’t even know about. He was riddled, they had given up. And he's a well man now and he’s still alive, and he’s doing his work.
(What does he say to you?)
He is amazed. He came to my house for the holidays, we talk to each other often, he's a believer now.

You know what happens to these people? He can't help himself – he is selling natural healing everywhere he goes: to his friends, relatives. He’s even made people mad at work. He brings the herbs in to work, he makes the people that work for him eat the herbs, drink the superfood, he tortures a lot of his friends and relatives.

Section #19:


(Now, you realise, don’t you, that what you're saying – if a medical doctor would hear this, he’d say that this is a dangerous quackery, that this guy Schultze is going to cause innocent people to postpone or delay urgently needed medical care for this bunch of garbage.)
Most of the people that come to see me – they’re in not better shape, because they've worked with the medical doctors. Medical doctors have caused so many of these problems in the first place. I mean, that we know that medications are carcinogenic.
(So, they’re not avoiding the doctors – they’ve come from the doctors?)
Oh, they’ve come from the doctors. No one calls me at the first sign of illness: “Hi, Dr. Schultze, I haven't been feeling well.” I'm the last call.

I’m the person that they call, when they tried everything else – they’ve taken every bottle, their closets, their drawers are filled with prescription drugs and vitamins…
(And the doctors said: “It’s over”.)
It's over, it's over. They say go home and get your house in order. And then they call me on the telephone.

Section #20:

Colon Cancer

(Richard, why don’t you tell us about your experiences in curing colon cancer.)
You know, colon cancer is not only the number one cancer among men and women together, but it's not just adults. One of the first experiences I had with colon cancer was really a story from a mom. Her 15-year-old daughter had developed colon cancer. The doctors immediately did a colostomy and put a bag on her ileum. It was actually called an ileostomy. If the listeners don't know what that is - they basically remove your entire bowel and put a bag, that you glue on your stomach at the end of your small intestine. And your faecal matter just on its own. It isn’t even faecal matter, it's just like watery stool comes out into that bag and you have to change that bag and clean that bag and glue it on your body. They did this to a 15-year-old, they said it was a simple surgery. She was at a party afterwards a sweet 16 party, she was dancing with her new boyfriend, her bag came unglued, faecal matter spilled all over her party dress and she killed herself, she went home and killed herself.
(Oh my God.)
So this is so much for simple surgeries. We can't do this to our children and expect that they’ll have a normal life. We can’t be cutting their body parts away. So, shortly after that situation, a mom called me on Tuesday - her 11-year-old son was scheduled for colostomy on Friday. And this was pretty good, cause they gave me three days.
(Three days?)
Usually I don't get that much time.

And she said: “Is there anything that can be done?”, and I said: “Absolutely”. We started her son on massive doses of “Intestinal corrective”, and we’re going to dosages in a little bit - “Intestinal corrective formula #1”. He haven’t had a bowel movement in a month, we started him on massive doses of that formula, used some enemas, and in 24 hours she called me and she said a piece of faecal matter came out of her son, that was as big from her elbow to the tips of her fingers, as big around as her forearm. She said it was so big, it ripped his rectum and it was so hard, it wouldn’t flushed down the toilet - they had to chop it up with a shovel to get it to flush, ok?
The bottom line is - that kid’s got his colon today, okay? This is a colon, that the doctors wanted to just remove on an 11-year-old boy.
(It never occurred to them, that something simple could be done?)
I don't know why, I just don't know why they refused to use natural remedies. They know they work, they just won't use them.
(Well, what do you do in this kind of cases…?)

It’s not a lot of money. You know, one bottle of “Intestinal corrective formula” costs $16, colon rectal surgery – we’re talking thousands. Maybe that’s the answer? I don’t know.
(Ok, what do you do in this kind of cases?)
Ok, first thing is – you’ve got to get that bowel clean and working. And many people just don't think it can be done, they've use laxatives, they've used herbs to open and clean the bowel. And again, we go back to what we’ve talked about…
(Cause they think they already know all this.)
Oh, they think they know it, and they think that their bowel just isn’t going to work. The problem is, that they haven't used enough, they haven't used it strong enough. Herbs will clean that bowel and get it working, and I guarantee that - they just need stronger formulas. We talked about the “Intestinal corrective formula” earlier.
(Anything particular when they’ve got cancer coming on, or actually there?)
Absolutely! Besides just using herbs to stimulate that bowel, to get it clean - we need to put herbs and foods right in the rectum, we need to not only do enemas, but we need to introduce things right into the colon itself.

You need to do what's called “a high enema” (and we can explain that later). But we need to put nutritional herbs into the bowel, like aloe vera, which are healing herbs. We need to put garlic solutions in the bowel, which destroy the cancer tumors.
(How strong?)
We’re going to use large amounts, but we make them quite mild - a clove or two of garlic.
(And how much water?)
Just lightly heated and chopped up into 2 quarts of water. And introduce that into the whole bowel – a little garlic goes a long way in the bowel. We need to use the herbs like chaparral and red clover in enemas and high enemas and get them into the bowel. If there's believing, we need to get in there with the cayenne.
We make a cayenne tea and put it right in the rectum. I've used cayenne in every orifice of the body.
(Doesn’t it burn like crazy?)
Absolutely, it burns like crazy, but it stops the bleeding - that's the bottom line.

I've used cayenne and first aid applications vaginally to stop haemorrhaging. Yes, it burns, but when you have a serious condition, you don't worry about burning. That burning is actually a healing taking place.
(Not scarring, it’s just temporary burning?)
Oh, not at all.  No one's ever been burnt, really burnt by cayenne pepper, never!
(Okay, when you say aloe on a colon - what kind of aloe? You’re talking about commercially available juice? What are you talking about?)
Get the best. Aloe, unfortunately, is been so bastardized on the market.
(Over hyped and everything.)
Oh, yeah. I mean, I see these formulas, that say 98% pure aloe. People think that that's 98% aloe vera. No, it’s only 2% aloe vera, but the aloe vera they’re using is 98% pure aloe vera. You know, cause I look at these green and blue gels that look like hair setting gel.
That's not aloe vera. You have to get your own aloe vera cactus, and everybody can have them, you can grow them in your house.
(So when you’re talking about cancer, you say: “Forget those preparations”? They’re gone.)

Oh, yes – forget these preparations. I don't know a good aloe vera preparation on the market, I don't see one.
(So they’ve got to get the plant, grow the plant.)
You get the plant. And all you do is you take the leaves and get the oldest most mature cactus you can get, not these ones with little leaves like this. Get the biggest aloe vera cactus you can get. If you live in northern cold climates, it doesn't grow around you - buy the cactuses, keep them in your house in the sunlight. If you live in a warmer climate, aloe vera cactus can grow outside. You cut the leaf off, you take the edges, you fillet it like a fish - inside there’s just the gel – that’s all you want.
(So, how much gel to how much water?)
You can feel your bowel up with just straight gel. It depends on how serious your condition is, and is a terrific healer for the bowels.
(What does it do?)
It heals. Aloes is considered “a cell proliferant”. It contains alantoin, similar to comfrey. It makes your body repair 3 to 10 times faster, than it normally would.

(And that's critical?)
Oh, it's powerful. Because we’re working with time here. Aloes is powerful. You can also put wheatgrass juice directly into your bowel, or any green juice, any chlorophyllous juice - directly into your bowel. You can fill your whole bowel up with that.
(So now, if you have people doing enemas and implants, you must separate them, right? Because you don’t want to wash the implant right out.)
Absolutely! So, you do the enema first - to clean the fecal matter out, even a rectal enema, then  a “high enema”…
(Just warm water?)
Just warm water. But why use warm water, when you can add herbs in there: red raspberry - if your bowel tends to get crampy, a little catnip tea, as that enema works brilliantly right.
(Well, if there’s a tumor in there? Any particular kind of things?)
Well, first we’re getting that bowel clean.
(So, red raspberry is fine?)
Yeah, and now we’re putting something in for the tumor. And that of course would be chaparral. If the bowels are really spastic - lobelia tea will stop that bowel spasm. You just don’t want to make that tea really strong.

Chaparral is the greatest for the tumors, wheatgrass juice is brilliant - it's famous in colon therapy clinics around the world.
(When you say “enema” vs. “high enema”. You make the regular enema first, and then what you call “a high enema”? What is that?)
A high enema means, that you're introducing water beyond the rectum into the sigmoid, descending, transversal and descending colon.
(How do you do that?)
It takes a little practice, and we’re going to give the instructions in the manual on how to get the high enema at home.
(That’s great.)
It's best if you have a friend - two people doing the enema, one helping the other. It works much better.

A man is cured of colon cancer the size of a grapefruit.

(Now, you’ve told me, you’ve had a man, who actually had a grapefruit-size tumor right in his colon?)
Oh, absolutely. He came to see me with a malignant tumor in his colon, the size of a grapefruit. And, of course, they wanted to do surgery. He didn't like that idea. Again – a family history of cancer.
(How could you have a stump the size of a grapefruit and not have a total blockage? The colon is isn’t as wide, as a grapefruit!)
Yeah, there wasn't much coming out.

He was having some liquids in, but it's amazing what people have. I've had people with liver tumors the size of footballs, we’ll talk about that later. I agree with you - I'm always amazed. I'm amazed at how well the human body will continue to work, while there’s massive degeneration in the system. It always amazes me! But sure enough, he was still alive walking and talking. In fact, he was feeling great, he didn’t even have any swelling, that you could really see or detect.
(Didn’t it look out of him?)
No, he was in a great shape. Even felt pretty good, but…
(How did he know then?)
Yeah, well – on a regular exam with the doctors. But here's the thing I want to add right here: everybody says they had no signs at all of their disease. Give me 10 minutes with them, we’ll come up with 100 warning signs, that they are ignoring.
(Well, for instance?)
Oh, this person had constipation his whole life.
(Yeah, but why one would relate to the other?)
Well, this is the thing – we relate that, we know. Constipation is a sign of illness. We need to get that bowel working.

When that bowels are constipated – anything and everything can happen.
(Well, what else could be as a warning sign?)
Well, headaches. He ignored headaches – he used to have frequent headaches. But Americans swallow 250 million tablets of aspirin a day. Does this sound like a group of people, that are listening to their body talking back to them, listening to that communication?
(No, they don’t).
We say: “Just say no to drugs”, - to kids. And they laugh at us, because were a bunch of adult drug addicts.
(So people are saying: “This hit me out of the blue, all of a sudden I have a colon cancer?”) They always say that, but then– give me 10 minutes and again – we’d find 40, 50, 100 things that they ignored. And of course, he had ignored slight abdominal pain, digestive problems, bloating of the stomach after meals.
(Okay, so he comes to you…Anything, that you did for him, that we haven’t covered?)
Yes, few other things. Now, we love that castor oil fomentations and castor oil packs, now we want to put them over the liver and the entire abdomen.
(The whole thing?)
Yes, cover it from the genitals, the pubic bone – all the way up.

You can even put it on the low back. And remember – the colon extends up under our ribs slightly, so go right up over the rib cage, and we’re doing the liver – go all the way up this side. No shortage on the castor oil here.
(All a all night long?)
All a all night long.
(And if they didn’t do castor oil, you’d do an herb there, you’d do something, right?)
Absolutely. And hot and cold on this area.
(Okay, very important.)
Stimulate that bowel couple of times a day – hot and cold therapy, all over the bowel.
(What herbs would you use of you didn’t have castor oil for some reason, it didn't work or whether?)
Herbs to stimulate the circulation, in other words – to stimulate more blood flow to that area. A classic is cayenne. You can use cayenne plasters, you can use mustard plasters.
(Wait…“plasters”. That’s a new one. What is “a cayenne plaster”?)
Well, basically we would do like what we could call “a fomentation”. You just make a nice hot broth of cayenne tea, you make a cayenne tea in a big pot, put a towel in it, and put that right over your abdomen. Now, that I'll feel fine for a few minutes.

15 minutes later to an hour later you're going to get a little “wake-up call”. It’s going to feel very hot, there’s nothing you can do about it, ride with it, it won't hurt you.
(How much cayenne at how much water?)
Let's make it simple – a handful of cayenne and a gallon of water. Heat that up in a big pot and then dip your towels into it. Now, if you want to make it a little more powerful – add a handful of ginger, and if you want it to go all the way with Dr. Christopher's formula – add a handful of ground mustard seeds to it too. And turn the furnace off, you won't need any heat in the house tonight, it’ll warm you right up.
(How long does it stay on, before you take it off?)
I would at least keep it on for 45 minutes to an hour. And if you want, you can do the hot towel on there for 5 minutes, take it off, put an ice pack on your abdomen, take that off after about 5 minutes, put that hot towel back on – alternate an ice pack and a hot towel with the cayenne and ginger, and mustard in it. And alternate that for an hour. WOW – does that increase your circulation.

(You seem to hit it from every direction, you don’t leave anything uncovered.)
You have to. You know, I'm not working with people at the onset of the disease, I’m working with most people that after this supposed to be dead. You don't leave anything out, you fill your day and your night up with programs.
(What you're afraid of is that if there’s something you didn't do, you might run out of time and it’s over?)
Absolutely. And why would I want to do less for someone, I want to give them so many programs. These are the calls I get. They go: “Dr. Schultze, it’s midnight and I've only done half of my program.” – Good, speed it up tomorrow. Do you know what I’m saying? I always want to give everybody more than I know they could possibly complete in a day.
(So that’s not a reason or excuse for not doing it?)
Oh, absolutely not. I want to give people so many programs, they have to put a list on their refrigerator. Eight o'clock – do this, 8:15 – do this. I want to fill up their day. What do we have to lose? The doctors have given up on them.
(What happened to this man?)
He got well, he had started some bleeding from the bowel.

I said: “Don't worry”. We used a little cayenne just in case.
(Cayenne how?)
Cayenne rectally and internally. It's intense, I'll tell – you’re putting cayenne in the bowel, but you know – just because we have rectal or brain, or liver surgery – don't think that isn’t intense. You're just sleeping, okay? These therapies are powerful, they will have powerful healings. He started discharging from the bowel what look like pieces of hunks of liver: dark brown tissue started coming out with his bowel movements.
(What do you think that was?)
It was the cancer – he took it to the doctor and had examined. It was the cancer tissue.
(Dark tissue?)
And then one day he had an explosive bowel movement and handfuls of this tissue came out of his bowel. And again, he took that to the doctor and it was the cancer. The long and short of it is – he healed his bowel, we did some healing afterwards like I'm mentioned with the aloe veras.

He finally went back to the doctors, and they did a sigmoid scope. And they said: “Well, the tumor is gone, but you still have polyps.” He had 35 bowel polyps. We went to work on those, we used some other herbs.
(What did you do for that, if you mentioned it?)
We used “The intestinal corrective formula #2”. We added that in, which is a formula to adhere to the wall the bowel and pull off fecal matter off, we talked about that yesterday: heavy metals, toxins or poisons. We did some colonics, we did more high herbal enemas, we just carried the program further.
(Did that affect the polyps?)
Oh, absolutely. He went back and had a sigmoid scope and in 2,5 months there wasn't one polyp in his bowel.

Section # 21:

Crohn’s disease

(Now, did you help any people, who had, maybe it wasn't cancer, but, you know, colitis or Crohn’s disease? That can get out of control too.)
I had a woman come to me, she flew down from northern California. She had the worst case of Crohn's disease I had ever seen.

For 10 years she was having 30 hot burning liquid bowel movements a day.
(She wasn’t eating cayenne?)
She was hardly eating anything. She was 173 cm tall and weighed 40 kilograms. In fact, she become bulimic because she was so afraid of eating. What would happen – when it got to her bowel, the pain, the bleeding, the diarrhea – that she was eating her meals and then waiting an hour and throwing them back up. Because she wanted to absorb some nutrition, but she didn't want it to go through her bowels. She had been running 102 to fever for 10 years, okay? If you can imagine this.
(Off and on? Or it was continuously?)
Continuously. I've never met anybody by that with this was happening…
(What did doctors do with the bleeding?)
Well, they had cauterized her bowel almost 30 times, gone in with what's like a soldering iron and just cauterize the blood vessels to stop from bleeding. And she was in tears when I talked to her, she was in tears when she came in my office.

(What did she expect from you after 10 years?)
Anything. She had heard that I worked with people with bulimia, because I live and practice in what I call “The eating disorder capital of the world”. Hollywood, okay? And so, she just wanted to learn how to control her bulimia. She, again, thought that no one could help her with the Crohn's disease, cause the doctors had done everything. In fact, she was scheduled for a colostomy two years before she came in my office, but she kept refusing the surgery, and they said: “We’re just going to cut that bowel out and put a bag on you.” But for some reason she would do that. And she came to see me, and, you know, the first thing we did – she said: “I'm on fire”. And the first thing I think about when you're on fire is to put that fire out. And I took her into the bathroom, I inverted her and I filled her colon with olive oil…
(You turned her upside down?)
Yeah… with olive oil and aloe vera. And when I did that, you know, cause I turned her upside down. And I not only put it in her rectum, I put it in her whole bowel. And I saw her face go (“”””like””””)…

She said: “That was the first time I smiled in 10 years”.
(Why would that happen?)
 Because it put the fire out. You can imagine how raw, how bleeding, how sore that bowel. And coating it with aloe vera…I mean that aloe vera is first aid treatment for burns. She was burnt up not only from the acids in those 30 bowel movements a day, but the doctors had burned her purposely in her bowel – kept burning her to seal it off. And the tissue was just starting to fall apart.
(Why the olive oil?)
The olive oil because it's soothing and coding, and its nutritional. And the “aloe vera” because the aloe vera puts the fire out. And then expression on her face – she smiled, and then she went into tears again. And she says: “I can't believe this”. I said: “We’re going to get your bowel working perfectly, you’re going to get rid of this Crohn's disease,” – which is considered to be a genetic bowel disease.
(Bowels can even be terminal.)
Oh, yeah. And we’re going to make this bowel work again, and we did.

But this type of person colitis, Crohn's disease, they don't need obviously herbs to make to make their bowel more active, they certainly don't need laxative or cathartic herbs. They need the soothers, the absorbers.
(Did you ever do this again – the olive oil with aloe vera?)
Oh, absolutely.
(How often?)
She moved down to Los Angeles, she cancelled her plane flight, moved into a hotel near my clinic and lived there for three weeks. The next day we did flaxseed oil.
(So you again – inverted her? And put in what – cup, a quart…?)
Absolutely. We put in two quarts of flaxseed oil. Don't get cheap on this, you know. Now, if you can’t get flaxseed oil, just use flaxseeds – make a flaxseed tea. Take those flaxseeds, throw them in a coffee grinder.
(Again, what would be the purpose?)
Flax is one of the most soothing herbs. Linum usitatissimum – that’s the Latin name. Flax is a brilliant herb. It's the highest source known of Omega-3 and Omega-6 – essential fatty acids.
(So it’s a healing herb?)

Oh, it’s healing and it’s mucilaginous. You grind a handful of flaxseeds and put them in a cup, and water, come back in an hour and you have a paste sitting there. It's mucilaginous.
(So you put this in, how, again…People out there, who are ill are going to want to know details. How often?)
Okay, we did that twice a day, we filled that bowel twice a day.
(With the same thing, or different things?)
Oh, we kept moving around. We used aloe sometimes, we used olive oil sometimes, and we used the flax and also slippery elm teas, gruels.
(Orally or into the rectum?)
Right into the rectum. I mean, why wait, why kid around, why go through digestive tract? We want to get it in that bowel. Now, again, you can't get some of this stuff, because it’s got too much solid material. And with and enema…
(So what did you do?)
A rectal syringe. In every drugstore in this country you can buy what is called “a rectal syringe”. It has a little bigger opening, it's a bulb about this big, and it has a syringe coming out the end.

And you just take the top off, you fill it with that flaxseed tea, that slippery elm tea, try to make it as smooth and blend it is possible, filter it a little bit – and then just put that into the bowel. The aloe vera is…
(How long did you leave it in?)
As long as it can stay. She use to go through cramps and I would hold her down on the floor. (You mean, you tried to hold that in?)
Yeah, tried to hold it in. And at first do a little enema, and if their bowel is too crappy, again, a catnip enema works wonderful, or of very mild Lobelia enema will stop…
(How much of it? What is “a very mild Lobelia enema”?)
It would be a teaspoon of Lobelia herb to a to 2 to 4 quarts of water.
(Ok, how did she progressed out of this thing?)
Well, the bowel stopped being spastic, it started getting soothed. And of the course immediately “The intestinal formula #2” will absorb the bowel material, it'll turn that diarrhea into a solid bowel movement.

Of course, when she started having solid bowel movements and we got them, I would say, within 3 to 4 days her bowel moves were started to get solid, within a week…
(3 or 4 days?! After 10 years?)
Oh yeah,  after 10 years. Turnarounds can be dramatically fast – we had her having normal bowel movements. At the end of seven days she was having 3 to 4 bowel movements a day, and she was absolutely blissed out. Now, we have some work still to do, but we got that bowel material solidified.
(Taken it from there, what did you do? Anything unusual or just the regular program?)
Yeah, the regular program that we've talked about for the bowels when we talked about bowel tumors.
(Richard, how did that end up with that girl with colitis?)
Happily ever after. Three weeks after I worked with her, she went back to her hometown, got married, had children and I've kept in contact with her – she's never had a problem since. She's made the modifications in her lifestyle, she’s fine.
(That’s beautifull. Tell me, do you have any final advice you want to give for people out there with serious colitis?)

Don't go to your doctor. Basically, you know, like anything – you can heal it: modifications in your lifestyle, using the herbs, using the treatments. Don't go to your doctor, doctors have a license to carve. I was tell my patients if they are going to go to the doctor, to put postings on all parts of their body, that say “Do not remove”, because once you sign a form, they can do anything they want.

Section #22:


Leukaemia, blood cancer. Obviously, again another very serious cancer. The prognosis is horrible, many people are told they have no time left. Again – write the will, get the house in order. I had a man come to me with oat cell leukaemia. He was given not less than six months to live. I used to call him my Mr. 275. He weighed 275 pounds, his cholesterol level was 275, his systolic blood pressure was 275.

Probably, in the most horrible shape or one of the most horrible shapes of any clients that had ever come see me. And I was shocked that the doctors didn't say anything about his health. They just looked at his blood under a microscope and basically said: “You have leukaemia, you're going to die.” They did notice he was 120 pounds overweight and a very sick individual.
(What do that have to do with cancer?)
This is why, you know, they'll never ever find a cure for cancer, cause cancer’s systemic. And the care is getting healthy, the cure for every disease is just getting healthy, and the disease wants to leave your body.
(So what did you do in a case like that to cure that leukaemia?)
Well, the first thing is – get them healthy. I mean your body will respond dramatically when you get healthy. So we got rid of all the “275’s” – the weight, the cholesterol, the blood pressure, got him on a good food program, an excellent food program, did the juice fasting, did all the programs. But there's a few specifics. When you have blood cancer, this will be very similar to one we just talked about the bone cancer.

When you have blood cancer, you need to get into that bloodstream with detoxifying herbs: red clover, chaparral – the classic blood cleansers. It's so important.
(Toxicity in the environment can be a problem. You’ve had one man with leukaemia…)
Oh, absolutely. He had leukaemia and he worked in the paint factory. And I told him – in order for me to work with the men to be well, he had to quit his job. And this is something that we all have to be willing to do. Remember, when we’re talking “The incurable's program”, we’re talking about 100%. We’re not talking about 90%, not even 99% - you have to be willing to put “The incurable's program” ahead of everything else in your life: your job, your family, your husband or your wife, your children, whatever. You, probably for the first time in this person's life, have to make themselves the most important thing and direct their energy right back at themselves with this program in order to get well. And so I have to tell many people – if they have a toxic job, they have to leave it.

I've had people who worked in the casinos in Las Vegas with all that cigarette smoke out of there. I've had people, that are in toxic, what I call “toxic relationships”, where they fight and argue with the person they live with. They’re not going to get better – you’ve got to get out of there. I've had patients, that have their children living with them, that are 35 and 40 years old, and they are arguing all the time. Get the kids out of the house. Some of these people have to go on a retreat, rent a cabin in the woods! But you’ve got to get out of the toxic environment, even when it's a job, even when it's a relationship, relatives, family…
(Don’t people ever – patients or their relatives – ever said to you: “Richard, aren’t you being too radical?”)
Oh, absolutely and this is why a lot of people don't get well. This is why you have herbalists out there and natural healers, that’ll never touch on the subject.
(Richard, don’t a lot of people think you are just flat at radical with this advice?)
Oh, absolutely. But you know what – what we’re talking about here isn’t radical at all. If you want to see radical, go in a hospital, watch a brain surgery, watch a coronary bypass surgery, where they saw the ribs in half, strip the veins of the leg, put the heart in a frozen pericardial sac.

Do you know what I mean? This is radical! What we’re talking about here is easy, it’s natural healing. These are simple programs, that people can do at home. I mean, all the herbalist and holistic doctors in my field think that I'm nuts. They think that this is incredibly radical. The bottom line is – they're gutless, they just don't have the guts to sit there and tell the patient to leave their husband or wife, quit their job, change everything about them and start drinking some juices and using some herbs.
(Well, nothing you say is as radical, as a box in the ground.)
Oh, absolutely. That's the end. So what we have to loose?

Section #23:
Prostate cancer

(Let us talk about prostate cancer. Have you helped people with that?)
Absolutely, I've had numerous people coming to me with prostate cancer.
(I mean severe prostate cancer.)
Oh, absolutely. I had a man, that came to see me, an executive. He had a tumor around his prostate, that was so big, they couldn't find his prostate.

(Why couldn’t they find it?)
Because it was encased in this tumor, all the way around this prostate. They did 10 needle biopsies of his prostate. All they could find was the tumor. It was malignant, it was cancer. This person basically had given up to the thought of any chance of getting well. The doctors were, again, suggesting not only removal of the prostate, but removal of the testicles. You have to understand too – the prostate surgery is very common today. Almost all men over 50 years old are subject to their urologist saying: “We need to clean that out”.
(So they thought they’d cut out his prostate and then he’s cured?)
Oh, absolutely. You know, this never works. You can't cut away cancer, because when you do – it just comes back again. The ways you can tell that you won't get cancer again is by healing the one you. You don’t want to cut away that communication system.
(Specifically, what do you recommend for cases of prostate cancer?)

Ok, you know we talked about “the hot and cold”. Same here – you’re using it between the testicles and the anus.
(But isn’t that very hard on the delegate tissues, that are in there?)
No, no. It works great, it's a bit shocking, but it's not hard to do.
(And no harm caused.)
No, no harm caused at all. That really stimulates the prostate. We want to use enemas too, healing enemas. Get that red clover and chaparral in the bowel again, because the prostate is connected to the rectum. We want to use our “Kidney-bladder” formulas, because the urethra runs right through the middle of the prostate. So we want to get in the kidney and bladder and do some nice kidney and bladder cleansing, including our bowel cleansing too. And also work with some classic prostate herbs like saw palmetto. It’s beautiful, it works wonderfully.
(But I thought that herb is just for mild, benign prostate inflammation.)
No, no.
(You’re talking about cancer?)
I had a patient that just used saw palmetto and didn't do anything else and, got rid of his prostate cancer. Now, one more thing – animal foods.

One of the things, that makes the prostate grow are growth hormones. We have testosterone in our system, that makes our prostate grow, when we’re young. That's what it's for, it's an androgenic steroids. Well, we can eat testosterone and we eat it every time we eat animal food. Massive amounts of hormones are injected into animals in this country, and not just beef, but chicken and all types of meat. When we eat meat, we’re eating hormones, that have been injected and we’re eating the hormones, that those animals had.
(Allright, so what are you saying for prostate case?)
Okay, one more thing…
(What do you say – “no meat”?)
Yeah, and look at a cow. It's a 900 kg animal. Imagine what kind of growth hormones are in that animal. We’re taking them into our body. I mean, that’ll blow the prostate right up. In fact, Newsweek, The New York Times – everybody have printed: “Red meat and prostate cancer”. Everybody have printed that article, it’s been all around the country.

Section #24:
The Cold Sheet Treatment

(Richard, let’s talk about the “Cold Sheet Treatment”. Dr. Christopher described it, he seemed to think it was very critical. Tell us a little bit about the history of it. Did it just originate in this century with Dr. Christopher, or…What’s the story?)
No, hydrotherapy has been around since the beginning of recorded history. You see it in Persian writings, “cold and hot sheet treatments”, and “contrast baths” and “hydrotherapy”. You see it in ancient China, in India, in Europe – in the 1500, 1600, 1700s it was gigantic. There was a man called Vincenz Priessnitz in Hungar. This is an interesting story. As a child he had a tremendous fever, a 104°, winter time, he was on his way home. And as he was on his way home from the doctor in town, he crossed a stream, fell through the ice, soaked himself in ice water, and then thought: “For sure, I'm going to die”. Ran home, and by time he was home, his fever had changed, it was down and his clothes were dry. And he notice he felt tremendous. He opened a clinic, where all he did with people was to set them outside in the cold and wrap them, as they were naked, wrap them in a cold sheet. And eventually within 10 years kings and queens and royalty from all over the world were coming to his clinic. And all he did was water fast them and wrap them in cold sheets outside day and night, day and night. He cured numerous diseases, people recovered from every disease of the time. What Dr. Christopher did differently was – he added herbs to the hydrotherapy. That was the big change, because Dr. Christopher was a great believer in herbs, and he said: “Hey, why take a bath, why not take a bath in herb tea?”, “Why drink hot water? Drink hot tea.” “Why just use an enema – use an enema that's made from herb tea.” And so he added the herbs to age-old hydrotherapy treatments, that are quite famous.
(What do you want to emphasize about this, that maybe people have don’t quite understand?)
Well, I think that I don't know anybody around, that does the cold sheet treatment on anybody. And I've given hundreds of them. So, as far as I know, I'm the only living authority on the cold sheet treatment.
(You consider it optional in incurable diseases, or what?)
No. I think that everybody with an incurable disease needs to do the cold sheet treatment at least once if not once a week, once a month – whatever they can take entirely…
(You mean that often?)
Oh, absolutely! It's a brilliant treatment.
(So this is an essential part of the routine?)
Absolutely. I wouldn’t leave it out of anybody with the incurable diseases. Just remember – you have to take a look at the person's energy level, how much they can take.
(Yeah. Is it too much for a weak person?)
No, not at all. Just, you know, you can lessen the intensity of every aspect of the cold sheet treatment. Just do what the person can tolerate. But it's a very intense treatment. I think this is something that people don't understand. Dr. Christopher was all wonderful, wonderful man, but he was very intense. For instance, when you drank the yarrow tea in the cold sheet treatment, people said: “Well, how much do I have to drink?” – or: “When do I know if I had enough?” And he said: “Well, tip your head to the side. And if it doesn't pour out, have another cup.” This sounds kind of cute and anecdotal, but the bottom line is – when someone’s sitting in the bathtub crying and throwing up, and saying: “I can’t drink more tea” – “Cleaner stomach for the next dose.”
(So what’s you’re saying – he just pushed to the edge?)
Yeah, you push. You keep that firm pressure up constantly during the cold sheet treatment.(…) If I could add one thing, I'd suggest that you always have a bottle of cayenne tincture in your pocket, because numerous people have thought or threatened to pass out on me in the tub, because you're in a hut tub of incredibly hot water, filled with cayenne, ginger and mustard, drinking massive amounts of diaphoretic or “sweat producing” herbal teas. And many people have tried to pass out on me have. I’ve even had people, that eyes have rolled up in their head. But, here goes another Dr. Schultze’s guarantee – nobody passes out with a mouthful of cayenne tincture.
(It just doesn’t happen?)
(Are there any other side effects of sitting in that hot water?)
Oh, sure. Sometimes I've had people cramp up with her fingers and hands have gone into cramps and tetany, incredible painful cramps throughout the body. Lobelia is another nice herb. Usually I have a bottle of Cayenne tincture in this pocket, and bottle of lobelia – that makes me a great “Thompsonian” herbalist. Two very important herbs: the lobelia is an anti-spasmodic.
(So you just squirt it in their mouth?)
Squirt it in their mouth, it relaxes the whole system, it works beautifully.
(What are you trying to do with the cold sheet? Why is it such an intense thing?)
Well, you know – the herbs stimulate the circulation, the hydrotherapy stimulates the circulation, the diaphoretic herbs clear the poisons of your blood immediately, right for your skin. But the main purpose is – you're creating an artificial fever. Dr. Christopher called it “the incubation”. You're creating a fever. Cause remember – when the temperature rises, the white blood cells move faster through your body and eat more of the enemy in your body.
(Is there anything else people need to be aware of on this intense program?)
Definitely. One of the first steps of the program, right after the enemas is the garlic injection, where you’re taking garlic cloves, apple cider vinegar and distilled water, and injecting it into the rectum. It is incredibly hot – I've always when I’ve put that in the person immediately their face lights up, they might start screaming and yelling and have to get to a toilet immediately. And your job is to try to get them to hold that as long as possible. That’s usually about 2 seconds. They let it out, but fortunately some of that material stays in the bowels, and of course that's working from the bowel-up to disinfect, cleanse the bowel. Very important step, but a very intense step of the treatment.
(“The shocker”.)
Yeah. Also the bath. The bath is very intense. You’re in a hot bath, filled with garlic, ginger and  mustard. We’ve talked about those three herbs in hot water before fomentations. They will light you one fire, so don't fool around, when you're putting Vaseline on your genitals in this program – use the whole jar or your sex life will be over. I mean, you’ve got to cover your genitals with loads of Vaseline, or that cayenne, ginger and mustard will get in there…
(Isn’t that people cry from the cayenne on them?)
Oh, absolutely. You know, they reach a point in this bath, were they’re hot, and they’re hot, and then all of a sudden they reach a point where they think their body is lighting on fire. And at that point I try to keep them in the tub for another 3 to 5 min. I try to get one more cup of tea down them – that’s the point when you might need the Cayenne tincture, because they’re going to be getting a little bit…
(So, you’re pushing the edge?)
That’s right – you’re pushing the edge. And then you get them out and get them in the ice cold sheet. And don’t fool around with that cold sheet. I'm talking 10 kg of ice in a bucket, with a lot of water – an ice cold sheet.
(I think, you’ve told me of people, who had an emotional release on this program.)
Oh, absolutely. I get many people that cry, that sob, that remember things in their past. I mean, it’s a full physical and emotional transformation, it's a powerful, powerful treatment.
(You’ve had any results with cancer?)
Oh, unbelievable. I had a man in England, that had a throat cancer. And after he did this treatment, there was a 50% reduction in the size of his tumor immediately – after the 4-hour treatment. We cold check the tumor size. And it was reduced by 50%.
(Do use this in your AIDS and your cancer cases?)
Definitely. It's a significant part of the “Incurable's program” and everybody needs to use it. And, you know, some people asked me: “What about children?” It can be modified! This program can be modified. You can reduce the amount of herbs in the tub, you can even just use hot water if it's too much. Many people I have, that are so weak, I say: “Just take a hot bath, as hot as you can stand it, drink as much herbal tea, ginger, peppermint whatever. Get that sweating, get out, take a cold shower, get in your sweats and get to bed. Now, that would be a very modified version. And that'll make you feel like a new person in the morning.

End volume four.