The below shown certificates can be provided in full format only to our customers.

Certifficate of registration

It says that our chaga extract corresponds to the requirements of the Russian Ministry of Health for biologically active supplements. This document permits our company to produce chaga extract. Approved and signed by the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation.

Addendum to the Certificate of Registration

It specifies the recommended daily use and allowed methods of distribution of our chaga extract in Russia (drug stores and specialized shops)

Declaration of conformity

This document says that our chaga tea can be legally distributed in Russia, Belarus and Kazahstan which form the Customs Union.

Certificate of Analysis

It shows the most important data about quality of chaga extract. It shows that chromogenic complex content is more than 57% and that this chaga extract is of premium grade

ORAC report by Brunswick Lab

It  shows how powerful our chaga extract is against all known free radicals. Total ORAC value 39,979 uMole/g

Phytosanitary certificate

It  confirms that our chaga extract is ecologically and sanitarily clean.

Phytosanitary certificate

It  confirms that our chaga  is ecologically and sanitarily clean

Quarantine certificate for chaga

It says that our chaga is free of any quarantine items.

Production flow chart

Chaga extract manufacturing flow chart