video of chaga hunting in irkutsk

The video below was made by our Chinese customer during his visit to our company. The video was aired on one of the most popular Chinese TV channels called CCV7. At the moment the video is only available in Chinese. Here is a brief explanation of what happens in the video.

A businessman from Beijing sends his assistant to Russia, to Irkutsk, to bring him Siberian chaga. The Chinese guest and his host, the director of our company, Pavel (the bearded man in the grey jacket), first drive to the village, where they are met by Sasha. Sasha is an experienced forest guide. After a short introduction, they set off on a walk in search of chaga. At 12:40 you will see how chaga is actually picked from a tree. The chaga hunter has to climb a tree to cut off the chaga.

At one point they encounter a bear and Sasha manages to lead the group safely away from the danger. At 22 and 24 minutes you can see some of the facilities at Baikal Herbs Ltd and some of the workers sorting chaga. And, of course, the video shows beautiful Baikal scenery and Siberian villages.



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